Cover boxes for digital games?

  • I'm going full digital now but there is something that I love about video game boxes so much. How cool would it be to have the option of buying the digital game with a case, just like PC games?! In this generation of consoles you are obligated to install the full game on your HD just like buying it digitally, so whats really the point of owning a disc if the game is already on your console? (besides of people with slow internet).

    Who else would love this?

  • Part of the benefit is then being able to sell the game back or lend it to someone. That is the smallest of reasons why I buy physical though.
    I personally just love having a shelf full of all of my games that I can look at. Plus some box art looks great and it just isn't captured as a digital download. I am not pressed for space so I have no problem with having a shelf in my basement full of games and other knickknacks (Amiibo, Wiz's Energizing Elixir, some Mortal Kombat X beer). I do buy digital but really only games that can't be bought physical or when the deal is too good to pass up. I'm not sure if I would want to buy digital and have a case just to put on display.

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    @Tragosaurus And dont forget the AMAZING smell of a new game cartridge! I also like the idea of "having" the game rather than "its in the hdd somewhere". For me having a fysical copy are always more value to me than just having something digitally

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    Digital games should come with the games box art included for people to print it out if they so wish.

  • @Art Right?! That would be awesome too. All I want is the option.