EZA Community Hype Jousting - First half 2017

  • South Park vs Nier was the only hard one for me.
    But in the end, I know I'll love the South Park game enough to finish it.
    But Nier does look amazing.

  • South park vs Nier was probably the hardest since it is probably the only match where I'll play both games.

  • Goodnight Sonic, you sweet prince.

    Next one on the chopping block is Yooka-Laylee. You were so young.

  • Common on Yooka Laylee you can do it!!!!!!

    South Park and Nier is admittedly a difficult one.

  • This round for me is a little more interesting, though most, but not all, of my votes are on the losing end. Ah well. Much like Kill Your Babies, I can't expect to see my favorites (which were three, and now two, and if voting holds will only be one in the next round) to make it. But still, this is extremely fun!

    Personally the best matchups are:

    The battle of Ubisoft: Ghost Recon vs. For Honor
    Mass Effect: Andromeda vs. Yooka-Laylee

  • A nice idea. I put in my votes.

  • Now its starting to get more interesting.. I put in my votes

  • Splatoon 2 vs Fire Emblem was tough.

  • I'm actually quite pleasantly surprised by the results here. When does this round end?

  • Picking between Fire Emblem and Splatoon 2 was tricky.

  • As a Mass Effect fan, I wanna be annoyed that it's losing to Yooka Laylee, but I'm kinda pleased. That game looks super jolly, even though I know it'll never make it to the end.

  • I was really hoping that Halo Wars 2 would put up more of a fight against the most over-hyped game of all existence, but alas... can't stop that hype train once it gets rolling. Also weird that it looks like Sniper Elite is going to topple Horizon: Zero Dawn, I guess we're full of surprises here.

  • @SabotageTheTruth What is more interesting to me is looking at the much larger amount of votes the Sniper, Horizon match up has, makes me wonder if someone may be tricking the system, given that it has way more votes than the other match ups.

  • @bard91 You're suggesting foul play? You're right, that is more interesting!

  • It is weird that Sniper vs Horizon match-up has so much more votes than the others.

  • Persona 5 vs Snipperclips - 31 Votes
    Nioh vs Outlast 2 - 29 Votes
    Ghost Recon Wildlands vs For Honor - 33 Votes
    South Park: The Fractured But Whole vs Nier: Automata - 33 Votes
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild vs Halo Wars 2 - 32 Votes
    Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia vs Splatoon 2 - 31 Votes
    Horizon: Zero Dawn vs Sniper Elite 4 - 39 Votes
    Mass Effect: Andromeda vs Yooka-Laylee - 34 Votes

    Just checked through and it currently 5 votes more.

  • false alarm then. It was wider gap when I checked.

  • Global Moderator

    I dont vote on each and every one. I feel like I can only vote on the games I really have interest in, it wouldnt be fair to go and vote on a game "ive only heard about" but havent bothered to look up more about or have an urge to play.. if you get me?

  • There's definitely some foul play going on with Sniper Elite 4 and Horizon. Last time I checked it was Horizon 15-17ish and Sniper Elite was around 6ish. The Horizon match up of the first round was one of the most voted for, while the sniper elite match ups was somewhere in the bottom of the number of votes. Not sure what to do..
    Also very surprised to see Yooka-Laylee out do Mass Effect: Andromeda!

  • @Fridge-man Don't know if this is viable, but you could scrap that vote, recreate it, and put a more strict time limit on it. Also, when was the last time you checked it versus when you made your post? If there was a disproportionate explosion of votes in a shorter time span than can logically be expected, then you could establish a time frame when it happened. If you believe foul play is altering the outcome, you can do what Mr. Bosman did when DOOM was up for a group stream months ago: Null the vote and give it to the other option AND declare the nulled "winner" to be invalidated for future options. Just some thoughts to help out.