Horizon is a beautiful game set on hitting you over the HUD

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn is an incredibly beautiful game, as the latest round of previews has once again shown.

    However, the heads-up display is — to put it lightly — utterly overbearing and atrocious. I don't know how much of it is toggle-able — and of that how much important information is not conveyed properly without these giant bars, meters, and waypoints — but I want to bring this up nonetheless. As someone who's worked in graphics design, I have a pretty firm opinion of less is more about UI. That developers should convey as much as possible within the actual 3D world of the game, not through abstractions such as maps, minimaps, meters, and detective mode galore (there are more and less examples of each of these, though). I want to hear what you all think of this, but until then, some examples:

    This is how you do UI (everything is small and readable, simple enough that it doesn't distract from the game world).

    alt text

    Not this (everything is giant, there is an entire wiimote on-screen, the elements are animated and maximize their pull upon your eyes away from the game itself.)

    alt text

    And certainly freaking not this (Animated bars, ticking meters, and a sea of bright emblems for your eyes to get lost in)!

    alt text

  • Can't you turn all that stuff off in Skyward Sword?

  • @Art Yes, and you're still left with some very bright, loud, and non-functional elements. It's just serves as an obvious example of what not to here, though.

  • #HorizonZeroDawn has a dynamic HUD and you can even customize it to your liking, in terms of what you want to have visible or not.

  • @suplextrain Good find! I just hope that doesn't mean losing out on necessary game mechanics.

  • @Haru17
    Doesn't seem like it. The most important ones are HP, items and weapons. Maybe the compass as well.
    So that means you can turn off (supposedly) the item log, help messages, notebook updates, quest log, XP bar and subtitles. That should cut down on the clutter considerably.

  • @suplextrain said in Horizon is a beautiful game set on hitting you over the HUD:

    #HorizonZeroDawn has a dynamic HUD and you can even customize it to your liking, in terms of what you want to have visible or not.

    This is exactly what I needed to hear.

  • @suplextrain I really love the fact that more developers are allowing more customization options to accommodate both immersive vibes and critical information. That's one thing I'll miss about 3DS and Wii U: for games like Monster Hunter, I could place all my HUD info on a second screen so I could still have access to it, but not have it interfere with my main-screen real estate.

  • I'm sadly afraid my lack of skill with an analog stick is going to prevent my enjoyment of Horizon.

    I might hook up a keyboard and mouse...

  • http://nintendoeverything.com/first-glimpse-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wilds-pro-hud-mode/

    Looks like Breath of the Wild will have an option for an even less cluttered HUD.

  • @Axel That's pretty nice. I generally dislike minimaps because I find myself staring at it instead of actually looking at the world. I had to turn off the minimap in Final Fantasy XV because that game was pretty and I wanted to look at it, not a circle with icons in the top of the screen. I missed out on items nearby when exploring for sure but I think it definitely increased my enjoyment. I suspect I will do the same with Zelda unless it turns off something else pretty crucial, or the minimap is fairly necessary.

  • alt text

    Custom HUD options in Horizon. each element can either be always on, always off, or Dynamic - which only shows you either brush the touchpad, or the status of the element changes (you get hit and your healthbar lowers, for example)

  • @TokyoSlim Oooooo I like the sound of that. Great news!

  • @TokyoSlim Dynamic all the way. Love this!

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