A Casual Esports Thread

  • Hey Allies, How's your day been? Oh, that sounds great!

    Anyways, I'm wondering what everyone here thinks of Esports (not eSports) and its relation to gaming industry. I huge proponent of Esports, but I want to know what y'all think.
    About my own habits, I tend towards Dota and Overwatch, but I appreciate all the games pressing forward in the scene. And I want to hear about the challenges in your own Esport of choice. Maybe how communities can learn from each other. Dota's recent update has taken some key ideas from Blizzard Dota... I mean Heroes of the Storm, and implemented some pretty critical changes.

    I know it's a hard topic for the Council of Nine to delve into just because of how one person can't, but it a great gaming topic nonetheless. (Actually I don't really know if any of the Prime Allies watch Esports regularly.) Please use this place to talk 'bout fun current events, or your opinions on the matter, the impact on Esports, etc.. Here are some starting questions I have (feel free to answer any one of them or none of them):

    • Are you into Esports? Why or why not? What can the professional scene do for you to make it more interesting?
    • Are you an Esport lurker? A.K.A, have you ever gotten interested in an Esport when you don't even play the game?
    • Are there any games you wish did have and Esport scene?
    • Are there any games you feel are lowered in quality by the existence of an Esport scene? Are there any upcoming game releases that you think will generate an Esport scene?
    • What makes a game an Esport Game? Can you develop for the intent on become an Esport, or should it only come about naturally?
    • What are you currently watching? What is your favourite organization, player, tournament, or overall scene?
    • Would you like it if an Ally or two who was uppity on Esports start talking about their interest in it more frequently?

    Thanks for reading! And don't be afraid to voice an opinion even if you think its a negative one! (Tell me how Esports suck if you want.)

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    Awesome thread! It is a subject which should be discussed more!

    I used to watch A LOT of Starcraft 2 and play it myself (even though I wasnt good enough for professional level). I prefered SC2 over Dota and LoL etc, I think its because I played it and I knew how much were going on and Ive never been a fan of Moba games.

    I think that For Honor has potential of becoming an esport game. I am not sure if it will, but playing the beta showed that there are potential for it! strategic and classes that plays way differently. I kinda wish that Titanfall 2 had an esport scene, even though I dont really like to watch fps games (say CoD and Halo) I think TF2 could be quite interesting with titans and pilots and all.

    I think for a game to be a "solid" esport game it need to have strategy, speed, variation and the potential of being played by hardcore veterans as well as newbies. I think SC2 kinda died because it had such a steep learning curve with a lot of things going on etc. Still I dont really believe in games that are being built "purly" for esports, they kinda feel a bit like tryhards, but that is just my opinion.

    I dont really follow esports anymore, but that is mainly due to lack of time and prioritising my own playing. If I happen to stumble into twitch or similar when a tournament is being played I love to watch it.

    It would be fun if EZA brought up more about Esports, but I dont think that we "need" to have a show about it or similar, but it could be a fun thing for them to bring up now and then, a bit like wrestling. I mean as there are loads of other channels and things out there which already go into great depth into the scene EZA feels more like a "games in general" channel.. if that makes sense?

    Anyway, these are just my opinions and ideas. I think esports in general deservers more recognition in our society and its a shame that it is being frowned upon by the general public as they dont know what goes into it rather than "its just kids playing some games". Then I guess with all new media its always an uphill struggle at start.

    Love and Respect!

  • Despite the problems with the community, I play a fair amount of League of Legends, and I loosely keep up with the esports scene. I don't usually have the attention span or time to watch full matches, so I like to watch highlight recaps of each game in North America (and I follow a couple of teams in Europe and Korea as well, but less consistently). The All-Stars, Mid-Season Invitational, and World Championships events are extra fun since the rivalries between international regions and teams are great stories to focus on.

    Despite not playing them myself, I like to watch EVO fighting game tournaments. The amount of knowledge, predictions, and mechanical skill are still something I can appreciate, and it's easy to get viscerally excited about (whereas League of Legends requires you to know something about the game to really get into). I'll watch fighting game tournaments from time to time other than EVO, but that's the main one that I consistently watch.

    As for what should have a competitive scene, I'm with Bosman in that I think it could be a lot of fun to see a pro Splatoon scene emerge. That Switch trailer really got me excited for the possibilities, and the interest in Overwatch could be really setting the scene for a shooter-style game with a less gritty art style to have a market niche.

    • Yes. Because of shoutcasters. Seriously, they make watching the game so much fun, not the plays themselves. I think Kyle said once at GT that you need to like the game in order to watch its Esport scene. I completely agree with that.

    • I don't play league of legends anymore, but I still love to watch it.

    • Battlefield 1. I think some nice tactics and map movements could be made that would be very attractive to viewers. It has potential to be more than just Call of duty-like, just constant shooting as fat as possible, respawn and try again.

    • I think every game that receives Esport scene is somewhat damaged, because it becomes more about the numbers and complicated mechanics than just fun. It's hard to balance casual playerbase with tryhard one.

    • Well it needs to have consistently big playerbase, because everything will probably go from there. Streaming services and other companies will smell money and bring this form of entertainment to us and make sum buck along the way.

    • League of legends, Overwatch. Splyce, Mixyx, EU LCS and international tournaments.

    • Yes, that would be quite nice.

    Thanks for making this thread. Esports don't suck. There is so much to love about them, especially if you find a game you like and wanna make yourself better at it.