Final Fantasy Real Escape Room

  • So uh... this is happening.

    Seems pretty neat, although I've never done an escape room, nor do I live close enough to any of these cities to make it viable. Anyone planning on going or have prior experience with escape rooms?

  • Banned

    Shit, I have trouble escaping my bed in the morning.

  • This just reminded me that tickets went on sale for the Legend of Zelda escape room and Chicago is almost completely Sold Out, so thank you! At least if we miss LoZ we can try to do this one instead.

    I haven't gotten to do any escape rooms yet, but I feel like anyone with a gaming background will do well since it seems like real life video game puzzles. Easy to do a tie in with various franchises.

  • they should put in that bit in FF7 where 3 people have to press a button at the same time, that's always been a pain