What Games are you looking forward to in July?

  • July is almost here and I was wondering what people had their eyes on? Personally right now I'm just looking at Song of the Deep coming out 7/12 and then I am Setsuna/Moon Hunters 7/19. Darkest Dungeon might come out on PS4 towards the end of the month but I think it'll be up releasing in Aug if not later. Anyone else looking forward to any other games that month?

  • I am super hyped for I Am Setsuna. Love me some classic old school style JRPG goodness, can't wait.

  • Setsuna and glorious Monster Hunter Generations. HAMMER TIME

  • @Chie-Best-Waifu

    My hype has been tempered a little bit on I am Setsuna. I've heard rumblings the game isn't very long and the price is a little steep. More likely then not I'll still check it out, but I'm also kinda waiting to see some reviews as well.

  • I think I am the only one not hyped for I am Setsuna. I will just pass it up.
    I most hyped games come at he end of the month, on the same day, in in fact: We Happy Few and Obduction.

  • @Nillend
    We Happy Few is for the Beta correct? That game looked so sweet at E3, if I had an Xbox One that'd be a no brainer.

  • @TheMarcV Oh, no t at all. It's released at 26th of July.

  • Zero Time Dilemma, more than anything.

  • @Nillend
    Oh, I didnt know it had a solid release date and that it was so soon. Thats awesome! Nillend do you happen to know if Below has a release date and do you have any interest in that one?

  • @Smartzke
    Is that the next game in those 777/zero escape series? I never got into those.

  • It technically comes out very late June, so I'm still counting it... Star Ocean : Integrity and Faithlessness.

  • @TheMarcV Yep! I love the games. Also, I just realize that the game comes out next week, not in July. WHOOPS. Guess it doesn't count.

    Monster Hunter Generations is one thing I am looking forward too, though. I've only dabbled in the Monster Hunter games a bit, but I decided awhile back that this was the one I was going to get into. Really enjoyed the demo as well.

  • @TheMarcV That would kind of suck if it was really short, but it's been a long time since I've gotten to play a good SNES-style JRPG so I'm still going to get it. I think $40 is still a decent price for it.

  • @Smartzke
    I hate to be that guy, cuz I know I could just look it up myself but I like to keep the conversation going. Is the MH game coming out to only the Wii U? MH always looked like a game Id enjoy, it was just always on systems I didn't have or I didnt have anyone else interested in it to play with.

  • @Chie-Best-Waifu
    Yeah, it was a real gut shot when I heard that some of the people that played it ended up being a little disappointed. I'm in the same boat, yearning for some good old classic JRPGs and this seemed to fit the bill. I'll probably still pick it up, im just a little cautious. Doesn't hurt that I'm picking up Grand Kingdom next week and that one is looking really cool as well.

  • @TheMarcV Hahaha, s'all good. Generations is a 3DS exclusive this time around. I've heard from a lot of people who play the series that it's generally a lot more fun to play on a handheld than a console, anyway.

  • @Smartzke
    Oh ok, I thought they were Nintendo exclusives, sadly I haven't picked up a 3ds yet. I've found that while I enjoy a lot of handheld games, I just don't play my handheld system that much. Which is a shame, so many great games are exclusive to the 3ds.

  • All about that Monster Hunter hype! ~

  • Technically it comes out next week, but I can't wait for Zero Time Dilemma. Can't believe we are getting a conclusion to an epic trilogy

  • Phantom Brave (PC release). I never played it on ps2 and heard a lot of good things. That and I am Setsuna and probably the Witcher 3 DLCs because I don't see myself finishing the main campaign until then =P