What Games are you looking forward to in July?

  • @matt
    I'm the same way when it comes to gaming on PC, but like you I also had to play Inside. Matt, please play this game, it really is worth the effort to play it on PC.
    Also, I'm so ready for Hyper Light Drifter. Really want to play it on PS4, hopefully in the next couple of months.

  • Starbound finally got it's release date, and it's July 22.

    Been looking forward to it since forever.

  • I am setsuna but at 40$ i think i'm gonna wait for a price cut because it's a bit much for a digital title.

    That and i want to get Shiren the Wanderer for Vita.

  • @TheMarcV
    Nice, I'm glad to hear it's as good as it looks. I'll definitely pick it up soon. Gotta support the devs.

  • @Spidarro said in What Games are you looking forward to in July?:

    @Carlos @parasitepaladin

    Was that not postponed for some reason? i never played city so i would give that a shot on ps4 for sure

    When I posted that, it was slated for Summer. However, Warner Bros. delayed it "indefinitely" because of development "hell." It wasn't going as planned. It's not easy to bring UE3 assets into UE4. Because, the developers of the release - isn't. Rock. fucking. steady.

    Rocksteady must have had some hand in it, by saying "delay it." That means it does not meet their standards of quality. Arkham Asylum and City is quality.

  • I Am Setsuna, Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force and Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate are all that's left this month.

  • Going to try and get I am Setsuna, and hope that it will tide me over, Although im trying not to purchase anything else, except for all my preorders Which at this time are in order

    No Mans Sky: Limited Edition
    King of Fighters 14 Premium Edition
    Deus Ex Mankind Divided Collectors Edition
    Resident Evil 4 PS4 Edition

    The Iron Giant Bluray (Not game related but BUY IT DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Final Fantasy XV Collectors Edition

    The Last Guardian Collectors Edition
    (Undecided about Battlefield 1 at this time)

    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Legacy Edition
    GT Sport Limited Edition
    Dishonored 2

    Batman Arkham Collection (according to Amazon its coming in December)

    And that's not counting the handful of titles that I still haven't decided on though. On the bright side Prime nets me a bit of a discount so that helps out a bit. Also my job gives us reward surveys from time to time.

  • I would have played Hyper Light Drifter, but I think I'll wait for the Vita version.

  • I'm sitting July and August out. I've got a sizable backlog (W3:Blood and Wine, Rachet, Dead Nation, Trails of the Blood Dragon and Doom), so I'll chip away at that until the windfall of games coming this fall.

  • @Carlos

    Ah ok so not cancelled just on hold with no date, thats cool im sure ill pick it up when it does come out.