PS4 firmware 4.50

  • "Today, the company unveiled plans for its version 4.50 (codenamed Sasuke) system update, confirming support for some oft-requested and useful new features like external hard drive support for games, custom wallpaper and and the ability to view 3D Blu-rays via PSVR. PS4 Pro owners will also be pleased to know that they may be getting some love too (more on that later)"

    External drive support for games! Custom wallpaper! It's about time!

    Also: #Sasuke

  • sweet external hdd finally

  • What looked like a pretty decent update has turned into an excellent one with PS4 Pro users.

    There is an option to boost games that don't have a pro patch.

    alt text

    You can check over in neogaf regarding a bunch of games tested. It does look like a pretty decent boost for some games.

    alt text

    alt text

    I'm really happy with this as I was always getting a Pro and I do at least want to go back to Witcher 3 and play the dlc.

    Also most people are talking about Bloodborne but realistically I think the only improvement we'll see there is in co op where the frame rate does dip a lot at times. This boost mode won't fix the frame pacing everyone talks about. We still need that Pro patch for Bloodborne.

  • Hooray a feature Pro should of had on Day 1.
    Still massively glad to see something like that, also shortens load times times a little bit from what I hear.

  • And there was much rejoicing!

  • @DMCMaster Hey man, the PS4 should have had customizable backgrounds, folders, and probably external HDD support from day one. They aren't always known for being on top of obvious features. Lets just be thankful that #thelist is actually still being worked on!

    Someday, maybe in another 4 or 5 years they'll figure out a way for people to change their usernames! lol

  • Banned

    How bout letting me delete links to apps I don't want to download in the video tab? It's just random clutter.

  • Whats a good external hard drive to get for my ps4 when its available?

  • Banned

    @Art I am kinda pissed that they haven't removed the Shomi icon. Shit has been done for months.

  • @tokeeffe9 I think this is absolutely brilliant, and another very "PC" like option which will just give people more choice (and further justify their Pro purchase). It'll be interesting to see if Boost mode adds further juice to games already patched for the Pro, but that still have room for improvement (here's looking at you The Last Guardian...)

  • @Klinjon I doubt it since anything with a pro mode was already using all the new tech.

  • I just got a new Samsung 55KS8000, with 4K and fancy HDR to match my PS4 Pro I bought two weeks earlier, so I'm very happy to see boost mode.

    I'll be even happier when Final Fantasy 15 releases their 60fps patch on February 21st. I've only gotten to chapter 3 and at this point I'm going to hold off and binge the game between then and March 3rd.

  • I may buy a pro with my income tax because, Nioh seems to be the first game where it will make a actual difference.

  • @tokeeffe9 Well... poop. I suppose it would depend on how devs have allocated the extra Pro resources? If they've only focused on upping the resolution over frame rate, and there's still a piece of the pie left over, theoretically it could work? I guess that's just wishful thinking haha.

  • Looks like the update is coming tomorrow along with a PSVR 2.40 update

    Reddit - 4.50 tomorrow

  • Most stoked for Boost Mode. Gonna try it out and see the effect it has on older games especially the likes of Bloodborne and Witcher 3.

  • @MSBi Witcher 3 is surprisingly well optimised on a base PS4 after a lot of the updates by CDPR but ya it'll help a little.

    On Bloodborne.. I reckon it'll help more with co op but when in single player I imagine it'll be pretty difficult to notice any real improvement.

  • @tokeeffe9

    Well Nioh then because I want at least a stable frame rate when I'm playing in 4k

  • @MSBi Ahhh.. some more bad news. Boost mode doesn't affect games that are already patched for PS4 Pro.

    Your best bet with Ni-oh is the performance mode you can select in the options somewhere.

  • @tokeeffe9


    There is Action mode which is already so smooth. I just wish we can get consistent frame rate for 4k at 30fps.