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  • If you love RPGs, there's a solid chance you've played a Final Fantasy, an Elder Scrolls game, or hell, maybe even Persona. But what about those underappreciated RPGs that no one ever talks about? Let's talk about 'em!

    My main recommendation is always the Shadow Hearts series from the PS2 era. Set in the "real" world, you're left battling actual historical figures, like Roger Bacon and Rasputin, all while dealing with the occult and demons. Towns are full of dread, you can recruit a vampire into your party as a secret character (at least in the first game), and the combat is turn based but uses a "judgement ring" - basically using timing to perform even the simplest actions, making the stakes always a little higher than normal.

    What other beauties are out there?

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    What other beauties are out there?


    The Suikoden series is possibly my favorite RPG series to date. My favorites are 1, 2 and 5 and 2 underappriciated games from the series is Tierkreis and Suikoden Tactics. I never felt that the series ever got the love it deserved and it's a shame it's pretty much dead forever now.
    Anachronox is a great RPG that I think flew under the radar for a lot of people.
    The Growlanser series is another cool one. It has some interesting ideas and some great art from Satoshi Urushihara.
    Brave Fencer Musashi is a great little gem a bunch of people probably only got for the FF8 Demo back in the day only to be surprised with how good it was.
    Infinite Space maybe didn't really deliver in terms of the gameplay, but everything else was amazing.
    I think Radiant Historia has gotten a bit more buzz lately, but I still consider it a bit of a sleeper. Possibly my favorite RPG over the last 6 years.

  • @suplextrain Suikoden is great, I finished replaying through the 1st one last year just to finally say I got a full castle. This is the second time someone has brought up Brave Fencer Musashi to me within the week, I'm really regretting not completing it back in the day.

  • @SabotageTheTruth
    Brave Fencer Musashi is an awesome RPG. I loved how it had day night cycles, and buying the action figures was so cool, a true forgotten classic.
    I really dug Thousand Arms when I played it back in the day. From what I remember it had a pretty fun story, kinda cool combat system and the real seller for me was it was also part dating sim. At the time dating sims were very popular in Japan but we didn't get too many in the States. It was cool to have a cool RPG wrapped around the dating sim, it let me try a new genre out while also getting a cool RPG as well. Win Win

  • @TheMarcV I'm glad you brought up Thousand Arms! I've been trying to remember the name of that game for awhile now. I had rented it once and never given it much of a chance. I think I'd probably appreciate it a lot more now that I'm not 10 years old.

  • @SabotageTheTruth
    Yeah, I haven't played it since way back when, so I can't honestly tell you if it holds up or not. I think if you dig JRPGs, have a general interest in dating sims it could be an enjoyable ride, sadly I dont think its been put up on PSN for PS3 or anything has it?

  • @TheMarcV Unfortunetly not, no. I can get a brand new copy from Amazon for the low low price of $290 though! Actually, I was just reminded of another PS1 RPG that had dating sim elements - Azure Dreams. I also remember it having some rogue-like elements, where you would lose all your levels each time you left the dungeon. I was awful at it back in the day.

  • @SabotageTheTruth
    I have heard of Azure Dreams but never played it, or even really remember what it looks like.

  • .hack series...I really want one for PS4.

  • @TheMarcV Embrace the low-poly glory!

    Youtube Video

  • Wild Arms : A great series that blends wild west aesthetic with Japanese post apocalyptic Sci-Fi.
    **SMT Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha ** : A great duology of games on the PS2 set in 1930's Japan with an action RPG battle system mixed with the devil summons from the SMT series.
    Dark Cloud 1&2: an action RPG/Dungeon crawlers with great music and art style especially 2.
    Musashi Samurai Legend: An action RPG and sequel/spiritual successor to Brave Fencer Musashi , IMO has a great Art style and character designs by Tatsuya Nomura and an awesome OST , the only bad side is it can get repetitive and the voice acting of the MC is cancer to the ears the whole dub is uneven actually.
    The Legend of Heroes Trails series (in The Sky/of Cold steel/To Zero/In Azure) : Nihon Falcom flagship JRPG series , fantastic games that are unfairly overlooked by gamers even though it has a great combat system , music , story/characters and a very deep lore , and while we are on the subject of Falcom The YS games are also incredibly underrated.
    Grandia: A series with a great and innovative battle system , jolly settings and music that SE are setting on while it's developer Game Arts are stuck making mobile games.

  • @Waleed_WSF88 I love how bat shit insane the plot of the first Wild Arms gets. It just seems like a simple RPG with a western theme and then BAM! Demons! I'm glad they re-released the third one for PS4 (along with both Dark Clouds) but that first one will always stick with me the most.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Wild Arms 4&5 have a different battle system from 1-3 called The HEX system , it's addictive add to that platforming and puzzle solving and you have a unique RPG , also XF is a great PSP SRPG that few ever mention.

  • @Waleed_WSF88 Gotta say, I've only ever played the first 3 Wild Arms, I'll have to check out 4 & 5 sometime.

  • Persona 2! I feel like I've been talking about these games a lot lately. But the Persona 2 games deserve a lot more love than they get, you can see a lot of Persona 4's roots in P2, including the whole face your other self motif. But, it also had a lot of cool mechanics that I really wish would make a return:

    In Innocent Sin one of the main issues are that rumors become true, so you have to strategically spread rumors like "the waiter at this restaurant sells weapons on the side" but further than that "they're high quality but expensive" and stuff like that. You can collect different versions of rumors from various rumormongers around town before finally picking the version you want to spread. You can also eat before you enter dungeons to grant various stat boosts that wear off with time.

    Besides all that, those games are insane. To quote myself from an earlier post :

    People think P3/4 were crazy, but they ain't seen nothing yet. Idols, school rivalries, wish granting, shadow men, demon summoning detectives, Armageddon, BLIMPS, Philemon, extreme weaboo parents, astrology, machine gun guitar cases, suppressed memories, Hitler, floating cities, and of course ex-spy ramen shops."*

    Not to mention, as could be expected the music is rad. The characters are amazingly likable and memorable (Eikichi is the bomb). And these games actually feature some of the best Persona designs. Hades and Maia are personal favorites.

    Intro Velvet Room Gameplay Detective Agency (Rumor) Gameplay Dungeon Gameplay

  • @michemagius Why can I only like this post once? I want to like it a million times, damnit.

    The rumor system is one of my favorite things a game has implemented, period. The dark tone of the entire game is alluring and it's refreshing to play a Persona game where you're not a high school student. Like... I'm actually getting tingles thinking about how great this one is. It might be time for another playthrough.

  • I'll throw in the Parasite Eve and Front Mission series just because it sprung to mind.

    whispers: also Lunar

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    Vagrant Story. It was such a unique rpg. Also the only JRPG my fiance ever played and liked.

  • Sands of Destruction was a fun quirky jrpg for the DS published by Sega. I haven't finished it myself, but it's pretty cool.
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    .hack series...I really want one for PS4.

    I loved the .hack series. Even though the game was somewhat flawed in terms of gameplay, I thought the world they created and story was executed very well. Plus, carrying your character over to each game was paramount to my enjoyment. I love when this happens.

    Everyone may have played an Elder Scrolls game, but few have played, The Elder Scrolls: Battlespire. This dungeon crawler was a dark, fascinating Elder Scrolls game that is always overlooked as it had a more intimate story without the size of it's predecessor Daggerfall. Plus, this is the only non MMO Elder Scrolls game with online co-op and deathmatch.