Forgotten RPGs

  • It has been a long time, but I was such a huge fan of the Golden Sun series when I was younger. The Djinn were so cool and it was pretty epic

  • I'm a huge fan of the original Wild Arms game. The graphics haven't held up so much, but I think it's a nice little RPG. Wild Arms 2 is not-so-hot, though.

    Wild Arms Intro

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    I've got to show some love for my first RPG, long forgotten - The Legacy of the Ancients. Such a cool game. I did a video on it a couple years ago.
    Bloodworth's First RPG

  • Okage: shadow king, a game for the PS2 that aged well about a down on his luck boy who one day gets possessed by Satan Stan, in his journey to free himeself from his curse he meets up with a parasol wielding asskicking chick and a perverted mad scientist, hilarity ensues.

  • Legend Of Legaia

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  • @Lexad

    YES! Golden Sun! Those games were amazing.

    Great music, too. It's been years since I last played one, but I can still play the opening tune in my head.

    Most of them aren't very old, but I feel like this is a good place to plug the Spiderweb Software games. They don't have much production value, but they make up for that in other areas.

  • I was going to bring up Shadow Hearts and Suikoden, but that has been done for me rather quickly so...

    DARK CLOUD and BREATH OF FIRE! Both series are dead but both were incredible in their time. Miss them dearly.

    Oh and I shouldn't forget Okage: Shadow King, everyone else did. Game is incredibly charming though.

  • One of my all time favorite RPG series that most people have completely forgotten about are the Dark Sun by SSI on PC. They took place in the Dark Sun D&D campaign setting and featured a turn-based combat system and a sandbox style environment. What made the game enthralling was the setting. The world was ravaged by magic, leaving it a barren wasteland of sand and horrific beasts. Small city-states are sprung up, ruled by immortal god-kings. The two titles in the series, Shattered Lands and Wake of the Ravager, were direct sequels, allowing your party to carry over after completing the first game. It was such a refreshing take on PC fantasy games and really left how you handled situations up to you. You could go in guns blazing, be diplomatic and race, gender, class and charisma all affected how people perceived you. It was amazing for an early 1990's PC RPG and a steal on GOG for those interested. I can not recommend the games enough!

  • There were some decent rpgs on the dreamcast that got forgotten about, Elemental Gimmick Gear, Evolution 2, Time Stalkers, deSpiria and Record of Lodoss War were all enjoyable back then.

    I feel Jade Empire and The Last Story don't get the love they deserve either.

  • @Danjin44 said in Forgotten RPGs:

    .hack series...I really want one for PS4.

    I had forgotten about these. There might have been better games,but I loved the feeling of being in that world. It was a lot of fun. I would love new ones, or even just ports or remasters

  • This one right here. It's a personal favourite from my childhood and I still go back to it every now and then. The combat's basic, but it's got a nice comfy atmosphere and follows the story of the book rather than the movie. Pure good vibes. The same is true for Chamber of Secrets, also on the Game Boy Color.

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  • @SabotageTheTruth said in Forgotten RPGs:

    If you love RPGs, there's a solid chance you've played a Final Fantasy, an Elder Scrolls game, or hell, maybe even Persona. But what about those underappreciated RPGs that no one ever talks about? Let's talk about 'em!

    My main recommendation is always the Shadow Hearts series from the PS2 era. Set in the "real" world, you're left battling actual historical figures, like Roger Bacon and Rasputin, all while dealing with the occult and demons. Towns are full of dread, you can recruit a vampire into your party as a secret character (at least in the first game), and the combat is turn based but uses a "judgement ring" - basically using timing to perform even the simplest actions, making the stakes always a little higher than normal.

    What other beauties are out there?

    I love you man. Shadow Hearts 2 is probably my favorite PS2 JRPG, possibly my favorite JRPG period. Great call! I am still really bummed out, that neither Nautilus nor its successor feelplus inc ever got the rcognition they deserved.Talking about feelplus inc. Lost Odyssey was the only true PS3 era Final Fantasy if you ask me.

  • @Bloodworth The legend has revealed himself! Real deep cut there Blood, thanks for the input.

    @TokyoSlim I had completely forgotten about this one but I remember playing the demo for it for hours upon hours. I never got around to playing the actual release though.

    @babpel91 Gotta spread that Shadow Hearts love around! Seeing as some of the more obscure RPGs from the PS2 era (Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy) got "new" releases on the PS4, I'm really hoping Shadow Hearts gets that same treatment.

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    DOS version:
    Youtube Video

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah but that's probably because Level 5 is still very much and active and successful developer with strong publisher relationships. No idea what happened to the feelplus inc/Nautilus guys and even more important: I am not even sure who owns the rights to SH. It used to be Midway, but they are long gone.
    But I will remain hopeful. If Shenmue 3 can happen, at least a remaster for SH should be possible, right?

  • Well, I guess I could list many, but let's stick to one shall we:

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    Yepp, Steambot Chronicles. It came out rather late in the PS2's life and had very little marketing push. I'm not surprised it didn't sell overly well, but gosh was this game good. The game has a little bit of everything in it really and I couldn't recommend it more to those looking for those hidden gems.

  • lost odyssey!!
    Basically final fantasy 11.
    I loved it. Great story. Great characters.

  • Crystalis.


    Really cool game, and looked fantastic on the NES.

  • Legend of Dragoon
    Edit:.. wait

    Edit2: JADE COCOON

  • These 2 series are so forgotten they are not available anywhere digitally.
    .hack series is not the best rpg. But It is close to my heart.
    Valkyrie profile series needs more attention. both were beautiful and the 2nd game has to have the best combat system in any rpg IMO. the 2nd game was also one of the few ps2 games that could be HD if you got the cables.

    A third would be Joan De Arc on psp. which got a digital version finally put on the store last year.