Final Fantasy 15 - save files

  • Hi all, I've just played the Moogle Festival in FF IV and it was rather jolly as Huber would say. Problem is I saved it onto a manual save file that was an hour or so earlier in the game than my last autosave. Is there any way to continue with my more further along save file and keep all my time spent at the festival, or do I need to re-do the last hour? If I manually save again, it's going to save over and lose all the time spent at the festival, isn't it?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Banned

    I think you're just gonna have to take the one hour hit.

    Which isn't so bad.

    I remember playing FFX without a memory card. My heart sank when the power went out. I had gotten to the point where you first acquire the airship.

  • Yeah, I was afraid someone was going to say that!

    Ouch about FFX! Though I haven't played it, I can imagine it's quite far in when you get the airship?

  • @Art That FFX story... Ouch... That's like... depending on playstyle... 20-60 hours in? That must've hurt.