Should Square Enix sell Deus Ex IP?

  • Hello,

    So my dear friends and fellow gamers. after I beat both Square enix games Human Revolution and Mankind divided. I feel like they should not make any other game. They are putting franchise on hiatus and may never made any other game at all.

    first off. Human Revolution was fantastic game if not better than original. it has some shitty elements like third person cover and takedown which mankind divided follow but overall it was excellent game. that game made Eidos montreal a respectable studio. then they made Thief reboot which is one of the biggest joke of decade. took classic stealth franchise and turn into dumbed down crap that panned by critics and gamers alike. then Mankind divided is so so game. but this is the game that is slowly killing my interest in Deus Ex franchise. its shame that Original is to me a single greatest game ever made. and HR was very well game as well. Mankind divided feel like HR DLC that released after 6 years. only 1 hub and location and boss lol. Eidos montreal is one big hit developer. Thief reboot suck, Mankind divided is barely ok. only Human Revolution was amazing game.

    Now I think square enix should sell Deus Ex IP. best choice would be either Arkane studio or Otherside entertainment. both companies have old talents from looking glass studio. Otherside studio already making System shock 3 and Arkane are Making PREY. I think either of them should make next Deus Ex game.

    what do you think?


  • Yes they should.

    I'm not sure to who, but it's someone else's turn to reimagine it.

    Actually maybe obsidian! They make good RPG's.

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    They shouldn't and they won't.

    A pimp doesn't drop a hoe if she still makes money.

  • The real issue is the masses nowadays, want water down RPG's. Something like the original Deus Ex, won't make a decent profit today. Unless its on a very low budget, or a smaller indie game.

    Changing developers would do little to improve Deus Ex. The market for true strict FPS/RPG, is not that big. Alpha Protocol is an example of that. While it gained a cult following after some time. A sequel is not quickly being funded. As its a high risk IP that may not break even. Let alone, the risk of not making a decent return for all that hard work is very probable. Which is not something investors want to hear. And the kind of risk that can put developers out of work.

  • @-Jak-

    There's not many AAA watered down RPG's that are critically acclaimed. I think people are hungry for a true to form AAA RPG. It's just no one has delevered. Fallout 4 sold well, but it's surround by mostly negative opinions.

    A discussion that has gained some traction recently is that devs are possibly starting to learn this generation they don't need to appease everyone. Apparently Nioh devs talked about having trouble with the game trying to appease everyone. It wasn't until they focused on their own vision that things came together. It seems to have payed off. You could argue that Resident Evil did this. They possed ppl off, but still selling well. Not only that but ppl actually like it.

    Most ppl I know still won't touch a FFXV, or Fallout 4 for the fact they're RPG's even though they're watered down to appeal to those types more.

    There's money to be had for those that can truly deliver on this. But this is just my opinion on the state of RPG's :) I'm hoping CD project red does this with Cyberpunk 2077.

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    @CGamor7 I think you need to seperate your personal opinion and experiences with reality. Fallout 4 is currently sitting at an 84 on Metacritic. In no way is it "surrounded mostly by negative opinions".

    I think UbiMon are doing a fine job, though I do feel another Adam Jensen game would feel a little stale.

    Black-Cell threads are the EA equivalent of clickbait.

  • @El-Shmiablo I believe it's being suggested due to the Eurogamer report that Deus Ex is on hiatus so this team can work on Marvel properties. Basically, I think these fine folks don't want the Deus Ex series to remain dormant while the Montreal team pumps out an Avengers game. Just rumors and speculation currently though of course.

  • @El-Shmiablo

    Fallout 4
    5.4 PC user metacritic score
    6.2 Xbox user metacritic score
    6.5 PS4 user metacritic score

    There's typically more to perception of a game than just a review score. Especially from a review outlet.

    Of course it is in the 80's from major reviewers. what game isn't these days (jokes. Kinda...) Many people that are vocal online have complaints about the game as an RPG. Not just my opinion.

  • @CGamor7 Not to make this conversation about review scores, but I honestly wouldn't put much weight into user Metacritic scores. People are known to just bomb ratings of even beloved games. Any successful game will have floods of 0s from users when we can all safely say no AAA game released recently is honestly worthy of a 0. Overwatch is sitting at 6.8 user review score for PC and I've met very few people in my life that dislike the game. I can also say the same with Fallout 4 even though I'm personally pretty quick to point out its flaws.

  • @CGamor7 User submitted Metacritic scores have always been a poor indicatior of video game quality. And that's why you almost never see a thread referencing user submitted scores on Metacritic. Otherwise video game analysts. Would reference it when trying to predict things like sales numbers and market trends.

    While I have my not so nice opinions about Bethesda, for a number of reasons. Fallout is getting another entry in the series. Unless the VG industry crashes. Bethesda can release an unfinished turd. And it will sell so long as its a vast open world.

  • @Jak

    Fair enough. I agree that users can sabatoge them. I guess my point I was trying to make is that there are genuine negative opinions for fallout 4 outside of major review outlets.

  • I'd love to see someone like CD Projekt Red take a crack at it, but with Cyberpunk on the way that might already scratch our dystopian itch.

    I always felt like the modern Deus Ex games would be a good fit for Ubisoft. I know people have their issues with them, but they like to push new or unusual IP and have handled DLC in Rainbow Six: Siege (and the upcoming For Honor) really well.

  • @Klinjon said in Should Square Enix sell Deus Ex IP?:

    I'd love to see someone like CD Projekt Red take a crack at it, but with Cyberpunk on the way that might already scratch our dystopian itch.

    I dont want CDPR anywhear near Legendary Franchise like Deus Ex. they make mediocre games.

    witcher 3 is easily most overrated game of this generation.

  • Yes they should, but they won't. They will sit on the IP forever and pull Mobile Games out of their asses until they will reboot the whole thing several years down the line. The Jensen trilogy is dead for sure!

  • @Exist-2-Inspire The idea of it stopping here really stings. I wanted to see Jensen finish out his story!

  • @Black-Cell Even if you dislike the Witcher 3, you can't objectively call ALL of their games mediocre. They were a small team who have blossomed into something quite remarkable. Don't judge all of their stuff (either past and future) until you've tried them out. Love and Respect!