Elsewhere in Resident Evil

  • So I just finished reading a wiki about the timeline of Resident Evil. It is no clearer to me than it was before.

    I checked out of the series after 3. I played 5, and didn't play again until 7. But one thing I'm confused about, is what's happening in the rest of the world? I was under the assumption that the whole world was in filled with bio weapons and a horrible place to be.

    But with 7, there's a normal family living their life in the states. There's a tv show of ghost hunters. The main character obviously had a life somewhere before going to the abandoned house. So there's obviously life happening.

    Maybe it's the Hollywood movies fault for making believe there's nothing left, but what is suppose to be happening elsewhere in the world outside of bio terrorists, pharmaceuticals and anti bio terrorists fighting?

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    @CGamor7 Shit is going down hard in the RE world, but it isn't completely lost. There are still many sections of the world that are highly civilized and relatively unfuckulated by BOWs.
    Most of the events are controlled, contained, or straight covered up by various organizations.