The Final Fantasy Debate

  • Final Fantasy VII is my favourite FF game of all time. Since that cold winter day back in 97 I've been chasing the dragon ever since. My issue with every Final Fantasy game since then is that it wasn't VII lol. And that unfortunately has effected my enjoyment of the other entries. I still enjoyed VIII and IX, but X was a complete departure of a series I really enjoyed. No world map to explore? Was the hell kind of FF is that? Lol. Anyways I played and beat X, never touched XI, stopped playing XII after an hour and got excited for XIII until I heard it was linear. Tried XIV but I'm not a fan of MMO's and now XV is the first time I've been hopeful in a FF game in years.

    I'm looking forward to VII Remake and I'm happy that they are making changes. I wasn't happy at first, but the more I thought about it the more I realized I don't want the same game I've played several times. I obviously want the same story, world, mood and setting of the original but I want them to take that game and make it more than it was. Just make sure there some open world for me to explore dammit lol.

    Anyways, to be fair FF7 was one of my first games that made me love gaming. That's what makes it special to me. I've played some of the classic ones and they were good for what they were but I wish I played them when they first released.

    I think the hard part about video game franchises is that it's hard to keep a balance. You constantly have to compete with yourself and so do the fans.

  • Final Fantasy XII is the best. Tactics is also great... so is FFIV... so is VI... and X... and IX... and VIII.... VII isn't half bad either...

  • My favorite videogame of all time is Final Fantasy Tactics. It's endlessly replayable, crazy deep, great story, compelling characters. I've played through it more than 30 times in my life.

  • 7 > 9 > 4 > 6 > X > 8 > 5 > 13 > 12 > 3 > 1 > 2

    I think FF7 has the most well developed main character and world and a really unique style, while 9 had a great balance of depth across its whole cast

  • @El-Shmiablo said in The Final Fantasy Debate:

    6 is objectively the best.

    And that's where you're wrong. It's a great game, but the problem with it is that it gets muddled at the halfway point. When the massive world changer happens, anything you do there has absolutely no direction and doesn't give the player much clue what to do next.

    Now, it's also one of my favourite Square games, I even rate it higher than the much better paced and built Final Fantasy 4 (AKA 2, way back when... "YOU SPOONY BARD!"), but it's not the best in terms of game construction and pacing, that goes to the aforementioned FF4.

  • I'd say that there is no one right or wrong answer, because how varied this series is, and everyone has their own tastes. For me, FFVI is the best, because of the story and characters.

    But I also do like IV, V, VII, IX, X and XII. First three, while ok, don't hold up in my opinion as well, but I do appreciate them. VIII is ok, but many things in it doesn't make any sense, like Junction system and somewhat retarded story. I have also tried both online games, not my thing.

    XIII... Just no. That game is just walking a corridor. It doesn't feel like a world, not even when you reach gran pulse. That is just one hub area to bunch of corridors. All other FF games had me believe in the worlds they portrayed, which is one of the reasons I love these games, and XIII dropped the ball with this.

    Hopefully XV will return the series into its former glory.

  • I am probably one of the biggest fans of the series out there, if only because I like EVERY SINGLE game in the series. No exceptions. Though I will admit to having not played some of the spinoffs all the way through. On any given day I would tell you my favorite game in the series and it would be different the next day, and the next, etc. If I had to choose which I liked the least of the mainline games (which I still love!) I'd say I, II, III, and XIII. I, II and III just have some issues with how they aged and are a bit too simplistic sometimes. XIII... I still love almost everything about it, but the EXTREME linearity even beyond X is almost painful.

    Still, I've never been able to comrehend actually HATING a game in the series, or even any of the characters. It's such a good series.

  • Here's my top 5;
    FFVI, FFIV OR FFIX (they go back an forth depending on my mood), FFVII, FFX

    FFI, FFII and FFIII have not aged well. FFV is good, but I'm not a fan of the job system. FFVIII is a massively disappointing follow-up to FFVII, but I can tolerate it once I get about halfway through (I utilize a strategy that by-passes a lot of the drawing and functioning).
    I don't count FFXI or FFXIV because they're MMOs.
    FFXII has a great story, but I can't stand the gameplay. Zodiac edition might fix that, but I'm not holding my breath.
    There really isn't anything good to say about FFXIII. I haven't played the sequels, which I have been told are better, but that is a small hurdle to jump

  • First Love - IV
    Valedictorian - VI
    Most Popular - VII
    Most Spirit - IX
    Dreamiest - X
    Risk Taker - XII
    Most Likely to Change Jobs - V
    Garden Club - VIII
    MMO Club - XI, XIV
    Hall Monitor - XIII

  • @Mechanoid Hahahahahaha, this is great. I really appreciate this.

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    This is a hard one.

    Final Fantasy is a series near and dear to my heart!

    But my favourite without a doubt - so far - is FF IX. The story, characters, music and atmosphere is just something that have bonded with me so much.

    FF VII - This is my second favourite in the series. I cried so so much you-know-when.

    FF VI - This opening makes me come back over and over.

    FF X - This was good, on the first day I got this, I played it for 16 hours without a break. But after getting stuck a few times and growingly getting annoyed by the voice actors it kinda dropped more in my eyes.

    I didnt like XIII at all! I have tried to force myself through this. I like lightning and fang, but thats pretty much it really.

    FF XIV - This was fun, I would prolly have played this daily if it wasnt released just as I was moving country and didnt have a good PC for a long time. Now I feel like its too late to pick up as I have lost on too much etc.

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  • Yeah, there's a FF for everyone. The psx trilogy will forever be my favourites but I enjoy IV and VI almost as much.

  • Just shows, my favourite was eight haha. Only provably coz it was the first I played.

    My ff order would be
    Lightning returns
    Any others I haven't played

  • No love for Type-0. I know its generally hated or ignored by FF fans, but I enjoyed it way more than I though I would. I feels more like a Final Fantasy game (to me)than the last few. My personal favourite is ff9 but the general consciences is that 6 or 7 are the best. Having played both I wouldn't argue against either.

  • Honestly I don't hate any Final Fantasy. I tend to take them as they come and try to find the good thing in each one or look for what sets them apart from the others. Well, then again, I don't hate games in general, they just click with me or not. So far, Final Fantasy as a whole has clicked.

    I have played the following ones so far:

    I-IV on Android
    VII on PC/PS3, currently replaying it on PS4
    X and X-2 remasters
    The XIII trilogy

    Planning on going through:

    V and VI on iOS
    VIII is a weird one, I have it on the Vita but I stopped after around an hour or two. I just can't agree with the art style. I'm really not sure why, but VIII just has something to it that makes me tired of playing. I do plan on finishing it though, but I am hoping for an eventual HD remaster to help me out a bit.
    Currently playing IX on Vita
    Buying the XII remaster on PS4

    My favourite one so far is VII, probably because it was the first Final Fantasy I have played, and have replayed a lot ever since. But that doesn't mean that I have not enjoyed the others a lot too. It just gets more naturally coupled with nostalgia, since all the other FFs I've played more recently.

    And for all the hate that the XIII trilogy gets, I actually had a lot of fun with it. My favourite of the three is XIII-2 (I secretly ship Noel and Serah haha) because it had a more interesting story mechanic in the time travel plot idea and you could use monsters to help you fight.

    Lastly, I tend to think more fondly about older FFs than newer ones. I love the graphics and the world map and the job systems and the turn based combat (I'm playing through Bravely Default on 3DS and it's giving me such good vibes, it ticks all the right boxes).

  • Alright. I love this topic. It's tough for me because I equate my love of Final Fantasy to my connection with my brother. He and I always used to play these games together, often taking turns during certain parts or fighting over who would get the controller on any given day. So, this series holds a very emotional importance to me as much as it does sheer enjoyment of JRPGs.

    I grew up on 4 and 6, falling instantly in love with them. Went back and played 1-3 and then found an illegal translated ROM of 5.

    6 was my favorite from my childhood and probably holds the title as my favorite game. It was immense, it had such huge stakes. The music was everything. When I heard Shadow's theme, it sent chills through me. I love this game so much, my wife purchased magnets for our fridge that contain dialogue from the game. haha

    I remember the demo of FF7 and being amazed. I played it from beginning to end fanatically, staying up super late on school nights. Same with FF8. I LOVED 8 because it felt different from 7 and that was something that made it easy to dive into. Call me crazy, but I loved the card game in 8 as well. My wife is passionate about 8 and every so often, I'll come home to see her fighting Ultimecia again just because she can.

    9? Never played it. The aesthetic, the gameplay, etc. just didn't do much for me. I never felt like investing a ton of time into it.

    FFX was another milestone for me in the series. Voices, wonderful CGI, fun gameplay, a beautiful look to the world and the summons were so much fun. I did hate the sphere grid, however. This was another game that I maxed out every character. I would do it a second and third time with the remasters for PS3 and PS4. This is another one that my wife loves.

    11? I played it on launch day, was immersed by players from Japan and struggled to grasp the game. It didn't help that I was playing two other MMORPGs at the time, so this got shuffled to the back.

    12 is funny because it was how I met my wife. We worked together, I came into work with a copy of FF12 because it had just came out and I had just picked it up. She took the case from me to flip through the book and I've been dorkily smitten with her since. Hilariously, we both own a copy of this game and we haven't finished it. The combat wasn't fun. However, when the remaster comes out, we've sworn that we will beat it.

    FF13 was a game I completed simply because I thought I had to. I didn't enjoy the characters, the music or the fight system. It looks beautiful, but I just don't care about this installment or its sequels.

    Never played 14.

    I'm curious about FF15 and I will play it. We'll see. I try to stay optimistic.

  • @DubyaLucha This is wonderful! Thank you very much for your post!

  • 6 and 9 are my favorites personally.
    I love the style of 6 and all the great characters, it felt like such a grand tale and it was unlike anything I'd experienced.
    9 was the throwback to classic FF I was craving after 7 and 8, all the characters were super likeable except for Quina, all the environments looked incredible and warm. Treno is my favorite FF town. Battle system was a bit strange but it wasn't a deal breaker.

    I didn't really like 12, it felt like a weird single player MMO and I didn't vibe with the characters for the most part except for Balthier and Fran.
    I actually quite liked the first 13 game, the setting was interesting and the music was stellar. 13-2 though deeply offended me, two of the most annoying protagonists in gaming ever created. Didn't even bother with Lightning Returns lol.