Under the Radar E3 moments

  • I feel a certain duty to bring attention to The Surge. I watched E3 2016 coverage like a hawk looking for mice and somehow I did not see this demo until June 23.

    Deck 13 Interactive's follow up to Lords of The Fallen is my E3 dream come true and I almost missed it.

    Youtube Video

    What's your under the radar moment?

  • @kariwgoebel
    Good call, I didnt even knew this game existed till I saw that article on ign today.

  • Entire PC gaming show went under the radar. When listing the conferences, majority doesn't mention it even though it was surprisingy good, especially compared with last year.

  • This game called Loot Rascals. Even Shuhei didn't even know what to make of it.

  • @Nillend
    Yeah, this years was a lot better, though if were being fair, it would be hard to have one worse then last year while still trying to have a good showing. I'm not a PC gamer really and I didn't exactly see anything mind blowing during their show but it was more entertaining and interesting then last years.

  • @Whoaness
    Oh man, I guess he doesn't look at the playstation blog too much, they did an article on the game a few weeks before E3. That being said that was the only place I saw it mentioned so not too surprisingly many people didnt know about it before hand. Really cool art style.

  • @TheMarcV True, it was hard to be worse than last year and the talk show mode is not the best way for the confference imo, but Im sad that most people dont even acknowledge it.

  • My under the radar moments would have to be Wild Guns Reloaded and the new River City Ransom game both by Natsume. I heard no buzz about them at all and would probably not have found out if I hadn't seen someone on Twitter post about it.