Favorite Pokemon?

  • Corphish all the way. Love that little guy.

  • Emolga, hands down.

  • Look at my profile pic. Chandelure is my absolute favorite, but I've got a soft spot for ghost/dark/psychic types in general. I'm partial to Mismagius, Zorua, and Medicham. Some other faves are Oshawott, Aromatisse, Florges, Gastrodon, and Mime Jr.

  • I'm a generic Pikachu fan. Favorite since '98~

  • I'm always flip flopping between Flygon and Espeon for my favorite.

    Espeon is basically a purple cat which were (still are) two obsessions of mine when Silver and Gold came out. Basically it was poke love at first sight for me when I first encountered it in the game.

    Something about Flygon's design just sits right with me...idk that one is just harder for me to explain why I like it lol

    Since I already listed two I'll just throw my third favorite in here which is Raichu. He's so Jolly and I'll always be a bit sad that Pikachu steals all the spot light from it.

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  • Not a pokemon master at all, only played two games.

    But I do generically love Pikachu.

    And I also love Farfetch'd since it annoys my friend who hates him.

    Visually my favourite is Nine Tails
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  • Ditto maybe.

  • Favorite has been Nidoking since gen 1!

  • Not sure why but Scizor has been one of favorites since he was first introduced.

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  • Choussie!

  • Dratini
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    He and his evolutions are sole dragon types in generation 1. he just seems worthless worm at the beginning, but he can evolve into the strongest Pokemon in its generation.

    Plus he is so cute <3

  • Love & respect to this heavyweight champion! I always loved dinosaurs growing up and I thought he resembled one the most out of the original starters.


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  • Snorlax of course

  • Squirtle Squad

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    Look at this magnificent MF! Just look at 'em! Playing through my original Red, Jolteon was the homie but for pretty much every subsequent game after that, I made sure to have a Gengar on my team.

  • easily Gardevoir

  • Gen 1: Back Then: Farfetch'd Now: Farfetch'd
    Gen 2: Back Then: Jumpluff Now: Meganium
    Gen 3: Back Then: N/A Now: Surskit
    Gen 4: Back Then: Buneary Now: Pachirisu
    Gen 5: Back Then: Audino Now: Cinccino
    Gen 6: Back Then: Aurorus Now: Male Meowstic
    Gen 7: So Far: Popplio
    Mega Evolution: Steelix
    Legendary: Shaymin (Land Form only)
    Starters Lines: Gen 1: Charmander Gen 2: Chikorita Gen 3: Mudkip Gen 4: Piplup Gen 5: Oshawott Gen 6: Froakie Gen 7: Popplio
    First Stage Starter: Charmander Middle Stage Starter: Marshtomp Fully Evolved Starter: Meganium
    Overall Starter: Marshtomp
    Overall Pokemon/Partner: Surskit
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  • My favorite is Reshiram, the mascot legend of Pokemon Black.

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    I love its design, the lore and backstory surrounding it, and its typing, Dragon/Fire. And I love that it's some legendary fire dragon, but it does not have a generic design, and it actually represents fire in some really cool ways.

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    This guy always looked cool to me and only got better in later generations. Too bad they gave him a third evolution that made him look like a goofy space ship.