Favorite Pokemon?

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  • This is cheating, so if you don't mind me being long winded, please bear with me (and hopefully enjoy!) as I can't narrow it down to just ONE Pokemon, so I have three types I enjoy the most plus my dream team for each gen 1-3. NOTE: I have only played Diamond ONCE and HATED it and have not played any generation SINCE so this list is comprised of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and preceding:

    #3. Ice: This type's power and rarity are why I like it so much. Many Ice types are hard to come by, but I feel having an Ice Pokemon is essential. While weak to Fire, being able to have something to take on Dragons is a must have. Favorite Ice types (and yes, I'm including dual types): Lapras, Articuno

    #2. Steel: Steel is so fascinating to me because I see them as a combination of incredible Defense and Power. What they lack for speed they more than make up for in rarity and move set. Another type that doesn't like Fire, 1/3 of my dream team wouldn't do well against the likes of Blaine or Flannery. Favorite Steel types: Steelix, Scizor, Skarmory, Metagross

    #1. Dragon: Dragons are one of my favorite mythical creatures so that applies as well to the world of Pokemon. Their power and speed (and again rarity) put them in a class all on their own. Yes Ice types do serious harm to them, and they don't get along with other dragons, but this type is my favorite overall. Favorite Dragon types: Charizard, Dragonite, Salamence

    So my dream team? Per generation:

    Gen 1: Charizard, Raichu, Gengar, Gyrados, Dragonite, Mewtwo.
    Gen 2: Typhlosion, Gengar, Gyrados, Scizor, Dragonite, Tyrannitar
    Gen 3: Blaziken, Shedinja, Crawdaunt, Heracross, Salamence, Metagross

    As you can tell, I have an affinity for picking a Fire starter (most of the wild Fire types just don't really appeal to me and I outright do not like Grass types) and (unless you count Mewtwo) I left Legendary Pokemon off because I feel that's a slight cop-out. All of that being said, my ultimate dream six are:

    Charizard (Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Dragon Rage)
    Gengar (Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psychic, Shadow Ball)
    Dragonite (Dragon Rage, Fly, Surf, Dynamic Punch )
    Scizor (Steel Wing, Metal Claw, Toxic, Strength)
    Salamence (Dragon Claw, Dragon Breath, Hyper Beam, Brick Break)
    Metagross (Metal Claw, Meteor Mash, Hyper Beam, Psychic)

    Not the most well rounded of teams, but there you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading and have become inspired (in some way) to give some of the Pokemon I've listed here a shot! Thanks for reading and go catch 'em all!

  • Absol and Volcarona. I never thought I'd be able to say that about a bug type, but damn that thing is just awesome. It has great in game abilities and it looks badass.

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  • looks at user name uhhhhhhhhhhh... Cyndaquil!

  • @Carmichael Volcarona's in my top ten easily. It's so good!

  • I know it's a boring answer but I've always loved Charizard.

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  • Well I can't remember very many of them anymore. So I suppose the ones I do remember are my favorites.
    One Pokemon I always thought was cool, is most likely my favorite, and I feel is sadly underrated:
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    Good old Cloyster.

  • @Hero-of-Lime There's just something about Pokemon with conflicting types that you don't expect.

  • That's tough, I'm gonna go for a top 3 (in no particular order)...

    Lucario - I love the way he looks with the Anubis vibe + also a really strong party member
    Umbreon - again, just looks awesome but the one I raised is a sneaky fighter who is fun to play and torture people with
    Aegislash - is pretty fun to play and looks pretty badass to me at least. Also I got really into breeding in X & Y and he was the first one I bred that way shiny, had a good nature and EV spread. I spent a lot of effort on this one so I got attached guess...

  • I love almost every Pokemon in its own way, but I do have some favorites. No particular order.

    1. Snorlax. Lazy, powerful (for his time), and simple. He has so much personality for being so normal, and I love it.
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    2. Garchomp. I love him for his power, and also he's a damn land shark. My favorite color is purple, so that helps. I generally find Dragon types a bit over-rated but this guy is just plain cool. And a little derpy. But that is okay, because 102 speed.
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    3. Leafeon. Probably the most underappreciated Eevee-lution. I don't think she deserves it as much as Flareon though, because Leafeon actually has good moves to back up her stats. It is odd that she is so physically defensive for a grass type, but that's part of why I love this Pokemon! Great design and unique stat spread make this one stand out for me.
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    4. Samurott. My favorite starter. Look at this battle armored weirdo. Pretty bulky for his 100+ in both attack stats, while having a decent 70 speed, as well as a great movepool. Fun to battle with, being very effective but not flat out OP. He begs for strategic play, which I love. And he has a horn, and weird moustache things.
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    5. Chespin. The cutest pokemon of all time. Not much more to say, but god damn. Thank you sixth generation.
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  • Charizard for sure

  • @Tristan said in Favorite Pokemon?:

    Chespin. The cutest pokemon of all time.


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  • @Oscillator I respect that, but disagree.

  • There's three I hold very near and dear to my heart, I can't choose a favorite among them.

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  • Seriously though, I do love Lucario. I know that is lame as Pokemon Company whored him out so much, but the design is phenomenal and I love playing as him in Smash as well.

  • Jigglypuff

  • My top 2 Pokemon are Charizard (because he's my first ever Pokemon) and my boy Lucario (since gen 5 when I got back into the games).

  • I remember during Gen 1, I loved Sandshrew and Scyther for whatever reason. I still think Scizor is cool, but I think Lucario is definitely up there, as well was Umbreon/Sylveon, Salamence, and of course, Charizard.

  • Eevee because it's cute and has lots of evoulutions.