Favorite Pokemon?

  • My top 2 Pokemon are Charizard (because he's my first ever Pokemon) and my boy Lucario (since gen 5 when I got back into the games).

  • I remember during Gen 1, I loved Sandshrew and Scyther for whatever reason. I still think Scizor is cool, but I think Lucario is definitely up there, as well was Umbreon/Sylveon, Salamence, and of course, Charizard.

  • Eevee because it's cute and has lots of evoulutions.

  • Looking through everyone's faves, I find it interesting the lack of Greninja, who is now Japan's number 1 pokemon.

    More importantly does anyone like Simisear, who apparently is the least popular?
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  • alt text Oh dude, totally gotta' be Metagross. I've loved it ever since Gen 3. Steel types and psychics are my favorite types. Once there was something that blended them together I was stoked. And if you read its Pokedex entry its METAL AS HELL. (hahahah shut up me)

    It's brain has the computation skills of a super computer. And when hunting, it pins down its prey with its four arms and chows down with its frikkin robo-jaws. Holy shit dude.

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    I change favourite Pokémon as often as I change underwear - once a month. (not really).

    But my favourites are often from gen 1/2.

    My original favourite Pokémon however were Blastoise if we go from there.
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    But I also LOVE Nidorino, Arcanine, Alakazam, Gengar, Feraligatr and so on.

    But Blastoise forever in my heart

  • Gengar. He's a ghost with a devilish grin and a cool grey/purple colour. You just know they'd be a great little mischievous pokemon to have with you. Also, during Gen 1 I found his move-set among the coolest.

    And the fact that he has a great Mega Evolution know just means I love Gengar all the more!

  • Meowth, simple yet appealing design.

    I usually hate cats too, but there's something about it that I find endearing about Meowth.

  • Poliwhirl is my fav gen 1 but I also like Hercross and a few others.

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  • @Inustar Simisear is alright, but one of the lower tier monkey pokemon. He is alright, and I could see how he could be liked.

  • @MrsMachineandSoul said in Favorite Pokemon?:


    You know what's up. There's two of us now. We can officially declare this a "Gathering of the Jigglos"

  • Jolteon. Love the design, love the high speed + Elec combo <3

  • Mr. Mime

  • My favorite is Rapidash because it's a fire unicorn, which is badass. I also love Mew and Pikachu because they are both cute and adorable.

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  • @Carmichael said

    Absol and Volcarona. I never thought I'd be able to say that about a bug type, but damn that thing is just awesome. It has great in game abilities and it looks badass.

    I like those two. Volcarona seems similar to Milotic in that they're both beautiful, powerful elemental pokemon.

    For my part, I love Grovyle.

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    Just the visual balance of its red belly and lush dark green leaves is excellent. I don't know where they were going with Sceptile, and later Mega Sceptile, but it was somewhere else.

  • Can I cheat?

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  • I've always liked Articuno... I can't exactly say why, but Blue is my favorite color besides black (which is a shade anyways) and I have certain respect for birds, so I guess it would be a combination of those... Anyhow, I loved it how when I was younger, and I actually got into the trading card game, my first foil was in fact Articuno
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  • Nidoking is my all time favorite Pokemon. First, it looks freaking awesome. Second, it was my first shiny pokemon (Blue Nidokings look amazing). Third, Sheer Force + Life Orb Special Nidoking will wreck your face.


  • Umbreon

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