Video Request: Show off all the PEZ dispensers from the shelf in the background

  • Hi Easy Allies,

    I was watching your podcast and I noticed something in the background: On the second shelf, there seems to be a collection of PEZ dispensers (it's out of focus, so I'm not 100% sure, it's really PEZ dispensers). I loved these when I was a kid. Could you make a video showing them off and saying something about them (e.g. how you got them, why you have so many of them, etc.)?

    I would love to watch that!

    Love and respect,

    For everyone who doesn't know, what I'm talking about: PEZ on Wikipedia
    This is the shelf that I'm referring to: Screenshot of Podcast with shelf in the background

  • In one of the early Cup of Jones episodes Brandon went around the garage with a camera and had close-ups of everything on the shelves etc. Can't remember how much was said about the PEZ dispensers, could be that not as much as you'd like.

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    @Sentinel-Beach He did have a short bit where he showed them off and talked about how much he enjoyed them, but it depends on how much in depth Valentin wants to know! :D

  • @Sentinel-Beach Thanks for the information! I'm going to look for that video :)