My Playstation asks me to change password?

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    Hey guys,

    So I was about to play some stuff online on my PS4 when I see that I am not logged in. I thought it was a bit weird and put in my password, then it tells me that I need to change my password without any reason. I check my email where I got 2 mails with a link that tells me to change my password. It is my email linked to the PS account, so it checks there. But this all feels very random and kinda... scammer-ish. Anyone else have experienced this?

    It came from this email:

    Im not sure what to do, but I went to the offical sony website and changed my password there just to make sure.

    But has anyone else experienced this? What might have caused this?

    Love and Respect

  • That email looks bogus. Why would they sneak in a random "email." in there?

    Also, maybe try asking PS support

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    @suplextrain yeah I am not sure what to believe to be honnest! will have to see what they say

    Update Tweeted and they said the email were their domain and it was all just a saftey proucation! but better safe than sorry, right! so all good! thanks for the tip to tweet them!

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