What was the best Twist in a Movie, Game, or Book... that was not meant to be a twist.

  • I try to avoid as many spoilers as possible when it comes to a Movie or Game I want to experience.

    With that said, this depends on the subject matter. It could be a lot of work avoiding all spoilers for everything. So I have various levels of effort, from "Watch All the Trailers" to "Total Media Black Out"

    Thanks to this and just accidentally missing certain explanations I have had some very enjoyable Twists.

    The most exciting one of all time for me. Was the movie Creed. I had never seen a single trailer or heard anything about it. It was simply $6 movie night and I picked one at random. If you have no idea what this movie is. Do not read about, go see it immediately and you will see what I mean. However. If you have seen ANY trailers or know anything about this movie. This none twist is already known to you. I guess I will hide the none [spoiler here](I had no Idea it was a Rocky Movie!! I thought it was a Biopic!) Mousing over the link will reveal the spoiler. Note" The link does not go anywhere, it simply contains the text of the spoiler.

    One of the best Gaming twists was the first few minutes of Mass Effect 2. I did not play Mass Effect 1 until a bit after 2 released. And I picked up both in a steam sale.. Or maybe it was that Origin Humble Bundle... Anyways. I play through all of ME1 and then boot up ME2. Having never seen a single trailer or anything. Everything in the first few hours was mind blowing!

    So please. Tell me. What are your favorite twists, that were not really twists.

  • I don't know what made me think of this.. but the first time I watched There Will Be Blood I didn't realize that Daniel Day Lewis' character's son was adopted, even though they establish that in the first 10 minutes. I guess I just missed that detail somehow and I thought it was kind of a twist until I watched it again and realized I was dumb