Not Buying New Games

  • I've made the conscious decision to stop buying a lot of games as soon as they are released mainly because I realised that I don't have the time or the money anymore.

    Work and having a kid is taking up a lot of my time and cash (babies are expensive and require constant attention, who knew?!) so rather than spending a fortune adding to my pile of shame I am limiting myself to only buying the odd really big game that I know will consume my life at launch (here's looking at you Zelda/Switch) while the rest can wait for price drops and when I've cleared some of my backlog.

    I've also gone back to my teenage years of playing the trade in game at various stores with games in my library I know I won't ever play again. The end result of which is that I have got my Switch paid for in store credit at GAME just from clearing out my collection of games. Mainly PS3, 360 and Wii U games along with a small pile of PS4 titles. The only physical games I'm keeping are the ones that would give me bugger all trade in value, games that I know I want to play again in the future, games that are pinnacles of their genres and games I have still yet to play/finish. It was a cathartic experience and it help reaffirm my opinion that I was buying too many crap games for the sake of it.

  • As part of the lower working class and aromantic foreveraloner, I just buy the games I want most of the times. I have price limits though, like I want Gravity Rush 2 but for some reason in my country it's imo overpriced, costs more than Yakuza 0 or Resident Evil 7 atm, so I'm gonna wait for a little drop.
    Even if I know I will not play it right when I buy it, to me it's also about support, especially for niche publishers like IFI, Xseed/Marvelous Europe and PQube.

  • I've noticed I've become a little stingy when it comes to buying new games in full price. Last year there were only Uncharted 4 and Deus Ex that filled my hype levels and I got them immediately. This year? Not many, to be honest. South Park, Tekken 7, RDR2 if it comes out in 2017.

    So I lag behind the gaming world in that sense, but now I get to buy "three for one", as I pick last year's games for 20 euros etc. I think this is a working balancing act for me at the moment, getting a few games on Day 1 and then the majority of my purchases from "the last year's pile".

  • Unless it's a online-only game, there is no rush to buy games. Unless you really want to give developers the full cash for the game as soon as possible, there is no reason to feel bad for giving them less money later. Most developers care more about the fact that people enjoy their game, as long as they get enough to live by.

  • I'm getting some new-buyers remorse seeing games like Watch Dogs 2 on sale for $30, Titanfall 2 for $30, a month or two after release. I'm fortunate with my job, and can afford to buy games that are new, but I need to save up to buy a house soon.

    I've bought Yakuza 0, Nioh, and For Honor. I'm on Chapter 10 of Yakuza 0, and I desperately want to finish Yakuza/Nioh before Zelda comes out, and still get some For Honor time in.

    This'll sound really "must be nice" but its its a pain in the ass to sort of have the money to buy a game when the allies are hyping it up, and not having the time to really play it. Forcing myself to wait when I already have games to play is probably the best strategy.

  • I try to base my decisions on what to buy day one on games I think will need the support, so I guess I'm doing the opposite of playing the must play AAA releases.

    Stuff like Yakuza Zero, Gravity Rush 2 etc probably need the sales and people talking about it more than your uncharteds and the like

  • @Mango Junior means your third year of college/university. At least in the US.. I'm not sure if the term is used elsewhere

  • I dont really buy games day one anymore. I wait till the end of the month once all that months games come out then pick and choose from the best and leave the junk games behind.

  • I try not to overload my backlog more than it already is, so I tend to strategize my purchases. I rarely buy games at launch, unless they're masterpieces or part of my favorite series.

    In January I had to make a very tough choice between Yakuza 0 and Resident Evil 7, and in the end I picked up Yakuza 0 because I felt it needed the support more. Also Resident Evil 7 has a season pass so I might as well wait for the definitive edition. Probably won't play it until much later in the year then.

    March is going to kill me, between the Switch, Horizon, Nier, South Park and Mass Effect, it's going to super painful to leave some games behind.

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  • I've never really been in your situation. I have been blessed with great jobs and with stinginess in spending money on almost everything except video games. I have always just bought the games I wanted and worked around it. In this past year, and going through 2017, I usually buy a brand new game that I'm hyped on every couple months. Past those hype games I look at my wishlist of games and choose something that I'm interested in and is fairly cheap now. There are tons of games I want to play but I only have so much time so I enjoy going back and playing through games I missed. I wish I had the self control to take a year off and simply play through my wishlist backlog but I am weak. It also doesn't help following Easy Allies and being in the forums. I have never played a Persona before but now that could be another game I pay full price for. Despite telling myself I'm not interested in the Switch I still find myself really wanting to buy one. I also can't count how many times I've almost started to plan out buying a Vive. Luckily since those cost a bit more than a new game I can reel it in, the same cannot be said for Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, etc.

  • If I was still at university, I would sell blood or internal organs for Zelda!