Not Buying New Games

  • I've never really been in your situation. I have been blessed with great jobs and with stinginess in spending money on almost everything except video games. I have always just bought the games I wanted and worked around it. In this past year, and going through 2017, I usually buy a brand new game that I'm hyped on every couple months. Past those hype games I look at my wishlist of games and choose something that I'm interested in and is fairly cheap now. There are tons of games I want to play but I only have so much time so I enjoy going back and playing through games I missed. I wish I had the self control to take a year off and simply play through my wishlist backlog but I am weak. It also doesn't help following Easy Allies and being in the forums. I have never played a Persona before but now that could be another game I pay full price for. Despite telling myself I'm not interested in the Switch I still find myself really wanting to buy one. I also can't count how many times I've almost started to plan out buying a Vive. Luckily since those cost a bit more than a new game I can reel it in, the same cannot be said for Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, etc.

  • If I was still at university, I would sell blood or internal organs for Zelda!