Good weekend or Holiday video games

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    What would you consider a good game to invest that oh so precious free you may get on the weekend and holidays. I myself like some Multiplayer games but if there is a single player game in my backlog I will play that instead.

  • @Swordfish00830 Games you can start and finish in a weekend?

    I like old school games. They tend to be shorter. Good couch play to take turns with friends or family spectators. Earthworm Jim, Mystical Ninja, Megaman or Megaman X. Slightly longer but doable in the weekend are the Uncharted games. Metroid GBA games were either short or just so damn addicting cause i remember finishing them quickly.

  • Weekends are the only days I have chunks of time available, so it's when I play story games. During weekdays I usually just play quick fun games like Overwatch or Mario Maker.

    This weekend it's Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

  • @Swordfish00830 oh if we're talking about time sinkers I really liked Sleeping Dogs. Slow to get going but when they let you finally roam free in the open world, i had a good time starting fights and doing drug busts. All of the game mechanics are solid, especially the Arkham series fighting system ripoff. It was the only recent time that I felt sucked in wasting time on side quests and other distractions. More so than other open world games I played including GTA V and Arkham Knight.

    Keep in mind, I probably play less modern games than other posters here. But I have a huge backlog so I've been slowly consuming modern games. Next up is Uncharted 4 for me.