GameCube Virtual Console - Wishlist

  • @Klinjon imagine metriod prime at 1080p

  • Luigi's Mansion and Wind Waker

    Also Gotcha Force because I mean, just because I'm dumb enough to pay $80 for a copy doesn't mean everyone else should have to in order to play that sweet game.

  • Super Mario Sunshine - The only 3D Mario I haven't played.

    Rogue Squadron 2 - Was so upset I never had a Gamecube when this came out.

    Paper Mario TTYD - Have been interested in the series, but this seems to be the one to play.

    Viewtiful Joe - Not sure how if I'd like it or not, but it looks amazing!

  • Everyone's taken the big boys already, so here's mine:
    Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
    I feel like I've already spoken about my love for this game. I just want to play it again. You could use the joycons for co op, since you only needed one analogue stick anyway.

  • Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2
    Phantasy Star Online Episode 3 C.A.R.D Revolution

    If there could be some online support with the hooks there to connect to private servers that would be doubly awesome or some sort of ad-hoc support for multiple Switches. But I'd be happy with the standard split-screen though.

  • Fire Emblem Path of Radiance is the main one i want to see from Gamecube virtual console. it's a game i've been interested in playing for a awhile, and now that i'm earning some decent money i'll be sure to add it to my collection soon, but in the meantime it would be nice to just get a cheap virtual console version that doesn't cost $300 like the stupid original game does.

  • Basically all of the Mario games; Super Mario Strikers, Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion (awk!), Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (even though I'm not eager to play it again I think Nintendo's dev teams ought to).

    Mario Kart: Double Dash with online co-op would be sick. I'd love to play through a 32-track campaign riding in the same cart with community members. Especially if you can race co-op against other co-op partners, not just AI. Probably won't happen, though.

  • @Haru17 sounds like you just want a true Double Dash sequel!

  • @naltmank Mmmmaaaaaybe. I do love those tracks, their skyboxes, and how many secret routes they have, though. With Nintendo talking about adding online features to old games, this stuff is actually not impossible.

  • Super Mario Sunshine easily. Love that game.

    Melee would also be hype though I gotta be honest I hate playing Smash without a Gamecube controller.

    Also how about those Pokemon Coliseum games. Maybe with some Pokemon Bank functionality.

  • The Pikmin games are 100% an absolute for me. I adore that series more than most any other. Having it be portable would just make my head explode!

    I'd also want to see the Metroid Primes a whole heck of a lot. However, I'm not sure I could go back to analogue controls after the trilogy on Wii.

  • @Kaminski Pikmin 3 had fantasic motion controls on Wii U. the New Play Control versions of Pikmin 1 & 2 played like shit imo. there was literally no way to swarm your pikmin so they forced you to constantly throw your Pikmin individually which was bloody annoying.

  • @Yoshi you could swarm your Pikmin in both those games by pressing down on the d pad and using the ir pointer.

  • Not surprised to find this list after our appreciation of Super Mario Sunshine @Klinjon!

    Here is my wishlist:

    • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
    • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
    • Super Mario Sunshine
    • Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
    • Viewtiful Joe
    • Eternal Darkness
    • Metroid Prime
    • Pokemon Colosseum

    And it's very wishful thinking, but maybe they'll release the finished Rogue Squadron Trilogy for Wii. It had motion controls, so it's not totally out of the question!

  • @Kaminski will try it again didn't realise that. was trying to use the nunchuk like in pikmin 3

  • @Yoshi yeah on the original version, you controlled the swarm with the second analogue stick. This was their way of getting around the Wii not having that control input.

  • Having not owned a Gamecube, I'd take the opportunity to play pretty much any decent exclusive (Viewtiful Joe, Fire Emblem, Mario Sunshine etc.)

  • @Churchy Ooooo yes Eternal Darkness please!

  • I have my favourites, but I'm one who would prefer to see games remain exclusive to their respective consoles, even if old. To put it short: I own ever gamecube game I'm interested in. I think I have around 50-60 odd.

  • @Sheria said in GameCube Virtual Console - Wishlist:

    I have my favourites, but I'm one who would prefer to see games remain exclusive to their respective consoles, even if old. To put it short: I own ever gamecube game I'm interested in. I think I have around 50-60 odd.

    What about opening up older games to people who missed them or weren't around when they where originally released?

    It seems weird to want to limit the potential audience for a game. Also it helps with the preservation of the medium's history.