PlayStation VR Demos

  • Some stores like Best Buy and GameStop are holding VR demos, and like Damiani, this is the first time I've gotten to experience VR outside the Virtual Boy. If you got to (or will) attend these events and try it out, what was your experience?

    I played EVE: Valkryie, and now I am more than pleased that I have one already preordered. I think I was marveling at the 360 degree cockpit more than I was at the action, but I've never felt the feeling that I was in a space dogfight more than that 8 minute demo.

    My girlfriend experienced the demo where you're in a cage underwater and a shark is trying to get to you, and she said the only reason she didn't scream is because she knew she was in public.

    As far as the demo experience, I only had 5 people in front of me, but since everybody gets about 10 minutes and there's only 1 unit, 6 people in front of you means an hour wait.

    I figure if EVE (a new game to me) can get me that excited about VR, than Batman and Star Wars, properties I actually am invested in, are going to make October a very fun time indeed.