Detroit Become Human (PS4)

  • I played the demo
    It's ok but 100% definitely not worth $60
    I'm getting sick of these fucking (((((experience))))) games
    It's like they the devs failed film school and decided to make games instead

  • @siegeh

    What is an "experience" game? There are clearly choices, discovery, and branching paths which affect narrative. Until Dawn was one of the most celebrated games of 2015 which seems to be even more linear narrative wise compared to Detroit.

  • Banned

    Point and click adventures used to be some of the most highly praised games in the entire industry.
    Now you give one a good budget and suddenly it's everything wrong with gaming.

    I enjoyed the demo and it seems like they finally made the choices matter in a more substantial way than games like Beyond or Heavy Rain. Honestly really stoked. Wifey said she's getting it for me for father's day.

  • The one major thing i got from the demo is how other cops treat Connor, when you succeed the captain looks at you with hate in his eyes it reminded me of the new blade runner movie, and for that reason I'm in.

  • I hope its more heavy rain then beyond two souls. Heavy rain was a good experience.

  • Banned

    @ellis The demo gave off some serious NAHMAN JAHDEN detective vibes.

  • The games are definitely not for everyone.
    I too enjoyed Beyond Two Souls, perhaps even more than Heavy Rain.
    The one thing i missed in Beyond was more meaningful choices, it felt like there wasnt as much replayability.
    Except for the big ending, it seemed to me like Heavy Rain had more storychanging paths.
    That is however something that seems to be the focus of Detroit, which looks really promising.
    Haven't tried the beta though, but i will be buying it on release.

    I think I have fahrenheit aswell for pc somewhere. Might have to boot that up before release.

  • Not interested. David Cage can't write to save someone's ass. If I need the best David Cage game ever, not made by David Cage; I'll play Until Dawn. The fact it takes place in my hometown makes it even more insulting.

  • @dipset its an experience game
    doesn't matter what other "choices" there are if only small things change.
    its a David Cage game, barely anything changes and there's hardly replay value unless your obsessed with this garbage

  • Banned

    @siegeh I'm glad you've played this game and know what happens.

    If the game is more similar to Heavy Rain, I think we'll be seeing some pretty big narrative changes based on the choices we make. I remember playing that game at the same time as my best friend and it honestly sounded like we were playing different games when we compared progress.

  • @siegeh

    You didn't explain what an "experience" game is in the slightest. You just repeated "its an experience game" which is not a readily known way of describing a game.

    I've only played David Cage's Heavy Rain and the beginning is very on the rails but a lot can change every playthrough. I played were every character survives and you save your son. My friend killed everybody at different times. You can look up the differences on YouTube. There are many.

  • I just finished the demo. I was not impressed. I'm going to play the game hot headed because that's the only way I'll enjoy myself and I'm very likely to have little success doing so. Which is fine I suppose. It's just weird that the player character makes so many assumptions and can magically recreate the crime scene. One weird assumption was that the girl couldn't hear the gunshots because she had headphones on with music playing. Maybe she heard gunshots and ripped her headphones off her head? There were a few of those drastic assumptions all within a few minutes.

  • Great demo for the game, I finished it 3 times. I think more game devs need to make E3 demo's playable to the public at some point.

  • Bloodworth's review:
    Youtube Video

    I had some vivid memories from Heavy Rain's best parts watching this. About the hard choices and the consequenses you had to then live with. Really good to hear that Quantic Dream is at their best with those in this one.

  • This was the first review where I looked at the written text on the EZA website. At no time the word gameplay was in quotation marks. But honestly, this review and another one got me a bit intrigued. Sadly, I didn’t like Fahrenheit nor Heavy Rain from any narrative or gameplay standpoint and so I have to pass on this probably good game.

  • Banned

    Watches the digital foundry video. Was glad to see that this game seems to give you a lot more direct control over the characters and camera. Chase scenes are fully controllable instead of QTE fests.

    I've actually had quite a love affair with Quantic Dream games. Heavy Rain was one of my favorite games last gen, and while in retrospect I think Beyond was not that great, I enjoyed the hell out of playing it coop with my fiance.
    Actually pretty happy to see this game doing so well. Adventure games are making a huge comeback and I love it.

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    I'm sorry I'm not paying $60 for a "game" that seems just to pick 4 options and watch lots of cut sceans and reeks of political veiw undertones.

  • Banned

    @Acidtrip-69 Have you even remotely paid attention to this game?

    It is very much a game. No quotation needed. You maintain direct control of the characters for the majority of the game and the choices you make effect the narrative deeply.

    Of course the game has political undertones. Were you expecting it not to? Do you not understand the subject matter of the game even slightly?

  • @el-shmiablo After looking at reviews, I'm gonna wait for a price drop or make it a brithday gift. My interest peeked when I found out that Detroit: BH is the least pretentious of Cage's games.

    If this game makes people happy, I see no reason to be upset at other people's joy.

  • I finished the game in one day and i like it alot, i couldn't stop playing because of how good the story is, plus the music is amazing the world building is so great, this game is my favourite game from Quantic Dream by far, i truly believe this is a great game.