Detroit Become Human (PS4)

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    You didn't explain what an "experience" game is in the slightest. You just repeated "its an experience game" which is not a readily known way of describing a game.

    I've only played David Cage's Heavy Rain and the beginning is very on the rails but a lot can change every playthrough. I played were every character survives and you save your son. My friend killed everybody at different times. You can look up the differences on YouTube. There are many.

  • I just finished the demo. I was not impressed. I'm going to play the game hot headed because that's the only way I'll enjoy myself and I'm very likely to have little success doing so. Which is fine I suppose. It's just weird that the player character makes so many assumptions and can magically recreate the crime scene. One weird assumption was that the girl couldn't hear the gunshots because she had headphones on with music playing. Maybe she heard gunshots and ripped her headphones off her head? There were a few of those drastic assumptions all within a few minutes.

  • Great demo for the game, I finished it 3 times. I think more game devs need to make E3 demo's playable to the public at some point.

  • Bloodworth's review:
    Youtube Video

    I had some vivid memories from Heavy Rain's best parts watching this. About the hard choices and the consequenses you had to then live with. Really good to hear that Quantic Dream is at their best with those in this one.

  • This was the first review where I looked at the written text on the EZA website. At no time the word gameplay was in quotation marks. But honestly, this review and another one got me a bit intrigued. Sadly, I didn’t like Fahrenheit nor Heavy Rain from any narrative or gameplay standpoint and so I have to pass on this probably good game.

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    Watches the digital foundry video. Was glad to see that this game seems to give you a lot more direct control over the characters and camera. Chase scenes are fully controllable instead of QTE fests.

    I've actually had quite a love affair with Quantic Dream games. Heavy Rain was one of my favorite games last gen, and while in retrospect I think Beyond was not that great, I enjoyed the hell out of playing it coop with my fiance.
    Actually pretty happy to see this game doing so well. Adventure games are making a huge comeback and I love it.

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    I'm sorry I'm not paying $60 for a "game" that seems just to pick 4 options and watch lots of cut sceans and reeks of political veiw undertones.

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    @Acidtrip-69 Have you even remotely paid attention to this game?

    It is very much a game. No quotation needed. You maintain direct control of the characters for the majority of the game and the choices you make effect the narrative deeply.

    Of course the game has political undertones. Were you expecting it not to? Do you not understand the subject matter of the game even slightly?

  • @el-shmiablo After looking at reviews, I'm gonna wait for a price drop or make it a brithday gift. My interest peeked when I found out that Detroit: BH is the least pretentious of Cage's games.

    If this game makes people happy, I see no reason to be upset at other people's joy.

  • I finished the game in one day and i like it alot, i couldn't stop playing because of how good the story is, plus the music is amazing the world building is so great, this game is my favourite game from Quantic Dream by far, i truly believe this is a great game.

  • Ben said that there a group stream of this game is being planned, really hoping it comes to fruition. That would be a pretty rad stream.

  • Finished my first playthrough last night. GotY.

  • Finished my playthrough yesterday and I really enjoyed my time with Detroit.

    Now I have to say I've always enjoyed Quantic Dream games in the moment but generally after completing them I start the pick away at them and while I wouldn't say I dislike them, I think less favourably of them. I still think Heavy Rain is the biggest culprit due to information they hide from the player.

    But I really think Detroit is a change from that. While I probably prefer the setup and story of Heavy Rain, I think overall Detroit is a much better told story. Now it does still have some plotholes and slightly silly situations but it's nothing like what I mentioned with Heavy Rain or even scenes like the Madison scene from Heavy Rain. I think this being a collaborative effort has really helped write a much better story.

    Now with that said, this game is insanely black or white. I'm not surprising anyone by saying there isn't a whole lot of subtle writing here and you'll know instantly what type each character is the moment you meet them and either despise or like them, there is no real middle ground. Which definitely did bother me early on in the game, everything just felt a bit heavy handed and kinda constantly beating you over the head but in the end, I either just gave in to it or kinda felt like I could see some of this, even if it is exaggerated.

    Now on the actual interactions themselves. Again, it's an improvement over previous games. You have a lot more control over your character and the story can definitely go in some completely different places. I'm really interested to see other endings and scenes play out but I'm also really happy with how my story went. I feel like my decisions did lead the kind of conclusion I was hoping for.

    I probably liked Connor the most of the characters, again that could be due to just liking the investigation side of things more. I think they all do a pretty good job really.

    One thing I really do want to emphasise, the soundtrack in this game is fantastic, each character had their own composer and it's really good. Probably my favourite new soundtrack of the year. In particular the Kara songs are fantastic, just the use of violin.

    This is an easy recommendation for anyone who has enjoyed previous Quantic Dream games. I would love if they just went all in on an investigation style game and by the end, all the clues you've built up (or haven't) will make a big difference at the end. Detroit even has somethings like this (investigation wise, the whole game has really important decisions that can be drastic). Either way, I hope we keep getting these kind of games and for once I really loved it in the moment and still think very fondly of it after finishing it. I might even play through again... at the same time I do like that one and only playthrough feeling.

  • I've finally unlocked all nodes on every flowchart. It takes a lot of time, but the end result is totally worth it. This game is way less rigid than you think, and many key events that seems inevitable can be skipped or played out differently.

  • Been playing the game now for some good hours. This was a Plus game on PS4 during summer but only now I found the right moment to start with it. And it's been really good! I very much like the atmosphere in this and the emotions the game brings up very succesfully time after another. A really big role in all this have the (main) characters. The trio has me intrigued and on board big time. Wonderfully done. The characters work on two levels, kind of, meaning as very interesting game characters, but also as the androids they are in-game, getting closer to life all on their own ways.

    My Connor tries to form a bond with Hank (great duo) and is just generally interesting to watch and listen to. I really like his voice. Kara has her motherly instincts kicking in and she's a very strong character, easy to appreciate her protective nature. Markus went through a personal hell and has arrived in Jericho now. All of their paths seem suitably different and interesting. The flowcharts are neat to witness after every chapter.