E3 open to the public this year

  • E3 will be open to the public this year and consumer passes will be available on Feb 13th.

    This might be THE chance to get in on the madness

  • Oh no. I so badly want to get in on the madness.

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    holy cow that is awesome! I wish I could go there! please @TheHashtag0nist take me there :D

  • Early bird passes $150
    Will be $250 later

  • If I lived over there I would be there in a heartbeat. Do I want to drop the money to fly there and stay the week? The answer is yes, but should I?

  • I will drop everything I have to go there. I was going to go to Kcon, but if E3 is really open then I have to go.

  • Just keep in mind that this is the showfloor. Not the pressers.

    Show floor is waiting in line to play demos. It's still awesome though. Just walking around and looking at the madness is worth the trip if you can afford it

  • That was something I was wondering and wanted more information on before actually diving in. While just being there and playing demos would be really cool (going to E3 has always been a dream) if the press conferences aren't available to us plebs then I would feel much better about skipping it and just potentially going to PSX again.

  • A little late for me, although I'll be setting aside some money right..........now for next year,
    Does it also cover the Conference's or just the show floor events?

  • @DMCMaster Just the floor.
    The pressers aren't organized by ESA

  • No links or sources in the thread for the more interested? (Not me, but in general.)

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    @Sentinel-Beach Well there are the thing they put out on twitter


  • Having a bit of a flip out over this, I've been wanting to go as a Non-press/industry person for a long time. But the prices they're asking for to only attend the floor events is a bit nuts.

    Full price is $50 more per ticket than blizzcon. I'd need two of them, 15,000 passes will go fast since they aren't being sold exclusively to CA residents (Would still be tough even if they were) and you'd be combining that extra 15k with all the press/industry people at the same time, the lines looked crazy last year to begin with.

    It's just a bad idea with how things are setup, I agree with damiani on this one it's gonna make it almost impossible to cover stuff on the show floor if they don't have a "Press only" or "Public only" day.

    It would also be a better value for those $250 tickets if there was a day where only those people were going to be in attendance.

    And if you factor in how many publishers have been skipping E3 in recent years like Nintendo almost did and then EA and Rockstar, etc you're already gonna miss a lot of the big titles that should be there (Hopefully rockstar does come this year since they have a game to show).

    Just frustrating, 4 months notice might seem good....but it's just after taxes, the meet and greet is in march, big gaming season is right now through april, switch is in march.....

    Just can't do it right now, so....angry, disappointed, frustrated....you name it >.<

    I hope anyone who goes has a good time, might wanna bring some padding from all the people you'll bump into all day though.

  • @ZyloWolfBane
    That was kinda my thought too about the timing, although in the event they offer this again I'm going to start setting aside money for airfare, hotel, food, and a suit like Kazma Kiryu's.......for reasons

  • Woo! One step closer to getting to attend E3.. now I just need to get out there

  • @ZyloWolfBane To be fair "Reporting from the show floor" is pretty hard either way. The line for Sea of Thieves was about 5 hours unless you had an appointment.

    You really need them appointments

  • @TheHashtag0nist said in E3 open to the public this year:

    @ZyloWolfBane To be fair "Reporting from the show floor" is pretty hard either way. The line for Sea of Thieves was about 5 hours unless you had an appointment.

    You really need them appointments

    Yeah, that's what I mean. It's gonna be really tough to even see anything for the price you pay. I just don't see it being a very good time.

    And it's not like normal folks will have an appointment :(

    They really should consider having a 4th day and either make it press or public only so everyone is happy. But eh, it's the first official attempt at this, maybe next year will be planned a bit better.

  • So is it 150/250 per day or for all 3 days? I'll pay for it regardless but it will determine how many more hours I'm gonna have to sign up for.

  • From the Polygon article...
    "Starting on Feb. 13, the Entertainment Software Association will open sales on 15,000 tickets to consumers. The first 1,000 of those tickets will sell for $149 each, the rest will sell for $249. All tickets are for all three days of the show and grant the owner full access to the show floor."