About the Costlemark Tower Dungeon in FFXV (maybe spoiler)

  • Hello Allies!!

    So I was CONVINCED that this dungeon was bugged, I tried it, entered it, fighting my way deep down into the earth step in some teleport and boom! the door close , no way to enter it again . I bashed my head around every corner of the perimeter, nothing not at all nothing!!! I got frustrated so what do you do? you go fishing to relax a bit , couple of days later (in real life, no in game) I went again, no progress, so i stop playing FFXV completely and started playing Kingdom hearts final mix, great game, flawed controls, AAAaaanyway, It recently came to my attention that the dungeon ONLY opens at night time o.O, this was never informed in anyway in game, I looked belieeeve me .

    I am glad we have internet today or I will be reading this in a nintendo power or something , have any of you encounter yourself stuck in FFXV due to lack of information for something? I am not mad, I am happy thing required effort I am only glad I found out and I want to share that info here with you .

    P.D: for example I am trying to catch the "Devil of the Cygilian" , the quest is called "Angler's Nightmare" and the fish only can be catch at night time, you can know this if you talk several times with the fisherman that gives the quest, that a great incentive to talk with people around you and not ignore the world around.

    anyway I hope to find more FFXV fans here, I know it is not a perfect game at all but I am having a great time on it. I recommend finishing the game now, as is, because it will make you care a lot for your party and Noctis, then you can go back and finish all the side quest, I want to tackle the game in the high difficulty with only magic but we'll se what can be done.

    Take care guys!! love a respect!

  • I am also glad we have the internet. I don't immediately turn to the internet when I get stuck or anything but there are many games that I just don't care that much about wandering around for hours to figure out what to do next. I usually struggle with stuff like this for a little bit before looking it up. We only have so much time to play games and I'm past the point where I want to spend hours banging my head against a wall.

    In regards to that dungeon, it was already established through another dungeon that time can effect being able to get in certain dungeons. I'm not sure how far into the story that happens versus when you can stumble upon Costlemark Tower but I guess they were just expecting us to remember that and apply it here.

    On the topic of Costlemark Tower, f*** that dungeon. It's such a pain running through that place after you've cleared the first area, and then there is the stupid cube puzzle room. Everything moves so slow and there doesn't seem to be much a rhyme or reason to it. You just slowly move through these cubes at the speed of smell and fight a bunch of ridiculous enemies at the end, several times. Since it takes so long and it resets if you leave you're just forced to run through all in one go which is frustrating. I didn't realize that at first and left expecting I could just continue. I had to run through that hell too many times. I could have missed something but from what I looked up I think that's just the design.

    After doing much of everything else I did the first of the crazy locked door dungeons and was so incredibly disappointed. Just a massive labyrinth that all looks the same and goes on for forever. After clearing it I decided I didn't care enough to see if any of the other locked door dungeons were the same.

    I know this wasn't all on topic but thinking about Costlemark Tower brought all of this up and I felt the need to vent. Haha

  • omg, so I can expect torture in that dungeon uh?, I will get back to you with my comments on it, but reading through your post flashback came back to me and I didn't got past the first cube puzzle at all.....damn.....about the dungeons being tide to a specific time, this one is lv 55 , and the chapter 15 final quest is lv 45 so it is intended to be end game content. I didn't run into other dungeons that require a specific time to enter in the main story, or I was too dumb to notice.

    Thanks for sharing your experience I hope to have a better time, or at least we will share the suffering :)

  • The dungeon I was thinking of was the one in Steyliff Grove, in the far Northwest of the map. It was a story point and they mentioned it only being opened at night, or at least subtly implied it. I had to turn back and talk to the guard to wait till night. I assume if I had been there at night I could have totally missed that it was only open at night.

    I hope your experience is better than mine. I wouldn't call anything about that dungeon a puzzle either which also upset me. Some things I read online made it sound like there was a way to avoid the stuff but no one explained how and I never saw a hint of that myself.

  • @Tragosaurus ooooOOOOooooo the dungeon that you enter with Aranea was only open at night? since I was teleported there I didn't really notice .....I see....well , That's was like 60 hours of gameplay BEFORE hahaha no way I was going to remember that , I spent to much time to bug my way to the meteor with a chocobo :p

  • If you play long enough into the story, you run into a dungeon that opens in a similar way. This didn't take the internet in my case, I just happened to come across the "training" in the story for it first. Tough dungeon, too.

    EDIT: Now I see everyone else already talking about it. XD

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    I had to take a break from FFXV after I fought 4 iron giants again and again and again in that dumb dungeon.

  • @Art I got caught on a road at night fighting an endless hoard of those things. Re-spawning gets ridiculous.

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    I don't know how you're supposed to make that connection either. Costlemark is a good distance away from that other dungeon, and it's not an ongoing mechanic like demons coming out at night.