Destiny, WoW, other MMOish adventures and the EZA

  • Guild Wars 2 is my MMO of choice, so if any allies play that want to hit me up let me know (cpg.7140 is my account name), would be happy to set up a guild hall for EZA if people were interested.

  • If anyone would jump into SWTOR with me, I would be glad to accompany you.

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    I used to play WoW... a lot. too much a lot.

    I started just after release with my friends, played casually up to TBC before I went hardcore. By beginning of WotlK I were in the top EU guilds. so yeah...

    Then its been a few vanilla private servers,

    I tried Destiny but didnt get that much into it. Now The Division though I have sunk in about 15 days playtime so far,

    Dunno what will happen to my life when/if star citizen gets released.

  • I'll be jumping back in to WoW when Legion hits no doubt. I'm on Khadgar, horde of course. Would be interested to see if Ben or Huber make a EZA guild.

  • I nabbed a copy of Destiny during the sale so I can enjoy some PvP. As I rented it for a month after release, and was in need of an online shooter with an active community. Haven't gotten to playing it much though as I just got back my internet after it went down for some days. So I've been playing Shadow of Mordor during my free time.

  • Am I the only one that plays Neverwinter on Xbox? Bear mounts people!
    Also confession time I've never played WoW. 😏

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    Do any Allies play Black Desert? Bought it the other day and thought it would be cool to play with others.

  • @El-Shmiablo I've heard good things, keep us posted if it's any good.

  • I still play WoW. Like, I never quit. If you need help getting back in, I'm mainly alliance (where I raid mythic), but I have toons on both sides of the aisle. You can add my btag: eschaton#1982

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    I'm played for a little bit and here are my impressions:
    The combat is pretty friggin' ace. Very visceral and engaging, feels almost like a character action game with how active everything is. Lots of dodging and special moves.
    The world seems huge. Like Witcher 3 huge, and apparently there is NO fast travel. TBH I can see that being kind of annoying, but it is helping me make more of a mental map of my surroundings.
    Shit is a looker. Have most everything maxed out and I can't think of another MMO that looks this good. MAYBE FFXIV in some spots?
    I hear that it isn't your average MMO, and that by the end of things you are doing a lot less raiding, and a lot more fishing and trading and large scale PVP.
    Also cosmetics are stupid expensive. Like almost 30 bux for a costume. Fuuuuuuuck that.