1-2 Switch - Vote for Stream Picks

  • The Nintendo Switch launch is approaching and the official EZA Switch event is on the Horizon. What games would you like to see them play the most. Here is a list from Wikipedia of some of them. please let me know what I'm missing. Blood wants to narrow it down to a Top 10.

    Some featured game-types include:

    • Quick Draw: Resembling a cowboy showdown, both players must point their controllers downwards and, upon receiving the order to fire, must aim their controller and fire before their opponent.
    • Milk: Players must use gestures and specific button presses in order to milk a virtual cow, with the aim to milk more jugs than their opponent.
    • Copy Dance: Each player takes turns making dance poses, which the other player must copy in time to the music. Players are scored based on their performance.
    • Samurai Training: One player makes an overhead sword swinging motion while the other player must clap their controller, as if they were catching a sword with their bare hands. Players take it in turns until one player fails to catch their opponent's sword.
    • Ping Pong: A table tennis game in which players must listen to rhythmic audio cues to hit back a ping pong ball. Players can perform lobs and smashes to alter the flow and try to throw off their opponent.
    • Eating Contest: A single-player game which makes use of the right Joy-Con controller's IR motion camera. Players hold the controller a short distance from their mouth and make biting motions to try and eat as many sandwiches as they can within the time limit.
      Safe Crack: Players must race to open up a safe by twisting the Joy-Con controllers to turn a dial, paying attention to bumps from the controller.
    • Ball Counting: Using the Joy-Con's HD Rumble feature, players must guess how many balls are rolling around inside a box.
    • Wizard: Players use the Joy-Con controllers as makeshift wands, using gestures and counters to push back a clashing beam of magic.
    • Sword Fight: Players use the Joy-Con controllers as swords, holding down the shoulder button to guard and releasing it and swinging the controller to attack.
    • Telephone: Players place their Joy-Con controllers on a surface and must be the first to pick theirs up when the phone rings.
    • Shaver: Players use the Joy-Con controllers as electric razors, racing to be the first to completely shave their virtual beards.
    • Runway: Players listen to musical cues to strut down a runway and make dynamic poses.
    • Soda: Players shake up a single Joy-Con controller representing a bottle of soda and pass it around, aiming to not be the one holding it when the cork inevitably pops.
    • Baby: Played in the Switch's Handheld mode, players must rock a crying baby to sleep and put it down gently without waking it up.
    • Joy-Con Rotation: Players place the Joy-Con controllers on a surface and take it in turns to carefully lift and rotate the controller without moving too quickly. The winner is whoever rotates their controller the most over three turns.
    • Liar Dice: Players use their Joy-Con controllers as a cup and dice. Players can shake the controllers around to shuffle the dice, and when the cups are lifted, the player with the highest number on their dice wins. However, as the number on a player's dice can only be detected by the opposing player through vibration, players may attempt to bluff their opponent, tricking them into shaking their cup and ending up with a lower number.
    • Beach Flag: Players jog on the spot in order to be the first to reach a flag.

  • Ping pong for me will be the game to enjoy with my buddies and safe crack sounds like a blast

  • Samurai Training looks neat.

  • I still don't understand why a minigame collection is a full-price launch game. I mean these are barely even minigames and more like a collection of tech-demos.

  • This collection sounds fun, but can't justify the hefty price tag for it.

  • @suplextrain For the small fee of 360 USD you can force attractive girls to stare into your eyes while they milk, and it's not creepy since it's a game! Nintendo knows you'll pay a lot for that ability. Just imagine how wonderful E3 will be now that it allows consumers to join. All those nintendo booth babes being hassled into playing 1-2 switch.

  • So the question is which of these would we want to see the Allies stream (the most)?

    Quick Draw - cowboy showdown, heck yeah
    Milk - too much hype, I'm on board for that
    Copy Dance - they dance all the time anyway

    Sure, why not:
    Samurai Training - that'll cause some ruckus
    Eating Contest - sounds too stupid to pass
    Wizard - Yogalla's OP for sure
    Runway - two words: "dynamic poses"
    Soda - the tension will be too much
    Baby - we need to see the gentlest side of EZA

    Telephone - Might be fun, but I'm worried they'll accidentally throw the Joy-Cons around the garage when picking them up so quickly

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    I would love to see Milk as they awkwardly stare into each others eyes.

    Safe Crack could be a fun thing to watch as well.

    Perhaps Sword Fight could be very interesting as well

  • This "game" looks really bad, but that said it would be great to see the Allies played it at least once. I guess the games I will like the most are Milk(obviously), quick draw and maybe Samurai training, the rest sounds not as good tbh.

  • This is the first time I am reading descriptions of the games in 1, 2, Switch. If this came bundled with the Switch I would open it in front of the Gamestop employee and sell it on the spot. Definitely nothing I would ever spend money on.

    That being said I would like to see EZA play...

    • Quick Draw
    • Ping Pong
    • Wizard
    • Sword Fight

  • The only true answer here is Milk, considering how much they hyped it up.

    If I had my way, each game would get a shot and contestants would try to dress appropriately for each event. Considering I doubt each game will last longer than 10 minutes and most (likely) have low replay value, I believe they'd be able to quickly run the gambit.

    • Quick Draw
    • Samurai Training
    • Safe Crack
    • Sword Fight
    • Liar Dice

    The two people who lost the most have to play Milk best out of five.

  • Baby and Soda are the two I'd want to see the group do the most. Just imagine Huber trying to gently cradle a baby. Eating contest would probably be pure gold too, because you know at least Bosman and probably more will make sounds while they fake eat.

  • Preferably no 1-2 Switch stuff for me, I have no interest in motion controlled games whatsoever after the Wii and Kinect.

  • @DisturbedSwan that's pretty close minded of you. did you ever stop to consider that maybe motion control technology has evolved since then?

  • I just don't want to waggle my hands about anymore @Yoshi.

    I'm 27 years old, I just want to sit and grip a controller, for me motion controls were a gimmick and should've been left in the past.

    I tried to get hyped for the Wii, I tried to get hyped for Kinect but both just ended up being shallow gimmicky experiences that added no real additional value to games, for me personally.

  • @DisturbedSwan last i checked i wasn't waggling my hands in Pikmin 3 or Splatoon at all...

    ruling out motion control games entirely is like if someone were to rule out playing 3D games entirely because Superman 64 sucked...

  • I hated them in Pikmin 3, and turned them off in Splatoon. @Yoshi

    We're never going to agree, so I'm going to end this conversation right here :), L&R.

  • @DisturbedSwan

    personally i found motion controls the easiest way to play Pikmin 3. found it pretty much impossible to get platinum medals in the Collect Treasure and Battle Enemies Mission modes unless i was playing using a Wii Mote and Nunchuk with the gamepad sitting at my side which i'd use to help auto send my captains places to tasks tasks while i did other things. Even the Splatoon Developer has commented that the majority of people who play Splatoon much prefer using Gyro contols over the normal button controls

  • Myself and the Mrs got a chance to play Quick draw, Milk and Ball counting this evening at a Switch event.
    Unfortunatly that was all they had on the demo but it was a shit ton of fun and I think we may give it a punt after I have finished Z;BOTW. The joycons feel like a massive step up from even the motion plus.