Anyone else's PS4 UI sluggish?

  • My PS4 UI has become unbearably slow. Loading UI screen takes longer, moving over to tabs that display sub tabs taking forever. And it choppy when loading. Netflix also takes forever and sometimes I now get an error message just from navigating my system.

    Kotaku talks about the same PS4 problem here

    Anyone else have this issue?

  • i do the ps logo when i fist boot up takes forever. I just assumed it was because my hdd was almost full.

  • Sometimes when I'm downloading stuff my OG PS4 (before I sold it) was a bit sluggish, and also my Pro is occasionally when downloading stuff, but the rest of the time I haven't had any problems with either really.

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    I guess Im not in a rush, but now and then when going between the menu rows it can be a little laggy, as well when I do the PS button menu. However, most of the time its completely fine

  • Like Kotaku said, I hope the next update fixes it. I'm pretty sure its a firmware issue. Or maybe the Pro's plan for world domination... If its my ps4 then Pro here i come.

    @FF7Cloud Its definitely not the HDD. Mine has more then 100 GB free.

  • I had this problem on my Pro a few weeks ago but appears to have remedied itself.

  • Mine and my roommate's were unbearably slow last weekend, to the point where we just decided to stop trying to play Rocket League. It was taking forever to pull up the friends list and attempt to invite people. I ended up rebuilding my database and it started working great again. I don't actually think that did anything though, I think it was just a coincidence. I haven't really had problems since.

  • mine takes FOREVER to close netflix or youtube, quite annoying because when I'm watching youtube on it I only want it for a few minutes

  • I bought mine 2 weeks ago and in the last couple days its gotten pretty bad.