What other video game sites do you frequent?

  • I spend a fair bit of time in IGN. The blogging community, thought all but gone now, was always pretty awesome. Passionate and respectful similar to community here. The general site is good for news.

    Polygon has great opinion/editorials. The focus on writing rather than creating video content probably makes them a little sharper on those types of articles.

    Looking for some other sites to checkout as well. Even if they're small that's fine so long as the content is good

  • I don't spend a lot of time on many gaming websites but I've been using and contributing to IGDB way more then I expected. They are still building the site and have started getting voice actors to create pages.

    I really like seeing the site get improved and being able to take part in that so I end up there a lot.

  • I frequent PC Gamer a lot. Though they don't do a lot of video content, I feel as if the breadth of their articles on games and PC hardware more than makes up for it.

    I like Polygon for their video content. I don't hit up their website that much. I especially enjoy watching videos featuring the Mcelroy brothers. Love them on their podcast and love them messing around in games.

  • NeoGAF is my main source for gaming news and discussion.

  • I use escapistmagazine.com primarily for the group chat function. That I share with a number of former GT members. And I use the IGN forums for its basketball community. Other than those, I hope to have a nice time here. Its tough to find a home on the internet, but this site seems like its on to a good start.

    Not interested in joining any other major sites out there. For many reasons, such as forum layout, the actual community, and moderation level not being what I look for site. The latter discourages former GT comrades from signing up. And one thing I'm happy of, is to see old GT members here.

  • SIFTD and Game Informer. I'm definitely more into reading news than anything else.

  • Mainly Rock Paper Shotgun, VG247, and Giant Bomb. Many of these sites have a lot of cross-reporting and similar opinions, but the ones that dissent always provide an interesting read.

  • Hey Abdul! I think you know me as SAM31007 over at IGN. <_< We are fellow Comm Mods.

  • I've been a pretty big Screw attack fan since the split. That and the occasional Kotaku visit are about it as far as extracurricular allies go

  • Well, I read NeoGAF plenty. I used to be much more active on multiple forums, but nowadays pretty much the only ones I post on (aside from one or two game-specific ones) are here and Something Awful (which I only really do to justify paying $25 for it...what a hellhole).

  • I haven't really frequented any other sites besides GT and now here.. I'm a fan of Screwattack's media though and will check out IGN, Giant Bomb or PC Gamer every once in awhile. I'm on Tested a lot too and sometimes they cover gaming stuff

  • Well GT was the site I'd visit the most before it closed down, even though the community was mostly dead, I still loved the content they were putting out. I occasionally visit Gamefaqs, GameSpot, IGN, and was a member of NeoGaf twice, banned twice, both for no reason at all. Apparently on NeoGaf, if you have an opinion that differs from someone, you can get banned for it and there is nothing that can be done to get your account back up and running.

  • Dualshockers and gematsu for news, I dont do communities much anymore, used to use neogaf quite a bit but it's become deeply unpleasant over there in the last few years

  • GameFAQs all the time. Love the Nonstop Gaming board, taught me how to view games critically.

  • For reading it's basically anything that gets linked to, but in terms of video content/podcasts besides EZA my go to is Giant Bomb. I don't know if anyone in any medium will ever top Project B.E.A.S.T.

  • The Xseed forums, but I haven't been able to log in for the longest time now, and I can't get a reply from them on how to fix the problem.

  • I used to exclusively get my game news from N4G and Gameinformer.com. Anymore I just check Neogaf. I love Neogaf because you can get little tidbits from the insiders and mods.

  • IGN from time to time but thats more for the Daily Deals page.

  • Easy Allies is my primary site, but as a loyal Nintendrone I frequent Gamexplain too.

  • Does this site count? Obviously I was big on gametrailers.
    Any super big news usually ends up in my facebook feed.
    Other than that, just Siliconera! Great site for lesser know games.
    This makes me realize I don't keep up on gaming news much any more.