Value of your game libraries

  • So, I stumbled upon this Steam calculator: and decided to see how much I've spent on games during my time I've been there.

    Here's my result for those who are interested:
    Not bad, I guess

    That made me think; How much I've spent on games during lifetime... Some would probably say that way too much, but I've had so many great memories and fun times, I would say it's easily been worth it.

  • Game rentals, a lot.

    Game purchases, not many. I've spent way more on comic books and movies.

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    Thats cool! personally I dont really use steam as I am mainly a console gamer. That said Ive bought my fare share of humble bundles and GOG games. I remember acutally thinking of the value of my games some time ago and talk to my friends about it.

    When you think about it, games are one of the cheaper hobbies you can have (well depends). But say you buy a console for the arguments sake lets say $300. Then an extra controller $50, thats $350 for TWO people. Whats the avrage lifespan of a gen? lets say 5 years. 350/5 = $70 per year, or $5.9 per month. Then you might need a "membership" (PS+, xbox live) lets say $60, so thats 70+60 = $130 per year for hardware and the option of bringing in another friend. You buy a game for $60. with this game you get lets say 3 days playtime (single and multiplayer). thats 24*3 = 72 hours. 72h/$60 = under $1 per hour you play.

    So yeah.. you get more joy out of it and its cheaper than leaving the house to get sweaty, tired and aching from sports and silly stuff like that... and the best part, you can play video games in your undies without getting judge, now try to do the same in a football game :3

  • @Oscillator That's fair, I have also rented few games back when I was a kid, but now, I want to own them. Physical copies only though for games I care about.

    @Lotias I agree, in the end, gaming is cheaper than sports, and, there is less risks for injuries, unless you play in VR I guess.

    And if someone wonders why my average price per hour is so "high" it's because, I'll admit, I pirated few of the games I now own. Also, for about a year, Steam didn't track any of my playtime for any game, and didn't allow me to get achievements etc. That's now fixed though.