Brandon Jones on Kinda Funny Live 2

  • I know there are some one us Allies that really dislike Kinda Funny.
    I personaly, consider myself 60% an Ally and 40% a Kinda Funny Best friend.
    Really love both.

    So, for whomever is intersted, here the link of Kinda Funny Live 2, already with the timecode where Brandon appears!
    Youtube Video – [1:09:19..]

    Love & Respect.

  • Cool never new BJ was on this, good promotion platfom for EZA. Not a fan of Kinda Funny myself but they are all good guys wish them the best.

  • People here dislike Kinda Funny? That sucks. I love both. I've been a fan of KF every since I discovered the GOG Show after watching Greg play Sim City for IGN. I discovered EZA after all of the hubbub after GT's closure, and also in part due to KF covering it all.

    But anyway, I definitely need to watch KF Live 2 now that I know Jones reveals himself!

  • Actually it was KF who encouraged Brandon to start a Patreon. I remember he was on gamescast shortly after GT shut down and Tim Gettys really advocated for the GT crew look in to Patreon. It made sense since both KF and EZA have a dedicated core audience. Brandon seemed highly impressed with what KF achieved with their audience and growth and I'm sure they gave him useful advice to start a Patreon.

    It's amazing that EZA has maintained a steady Patreon in their first year. I can't wait for an even more amazing year 2 and hope they get to $50k soon and finally get a studio!


  • Who dislike Kinda Funny ?
    I watched KFL2 right when it came out, good show, hope to go to KFL3 this year.

    Kinda Funny & Easy Allies should do more together. I know Huber wants to do something with Tim.