Ever get that feeling when you beat a game

  • I finally beat Grandia 2 after many many years of setting it down, restarting, setting down, etc...
    This feel came on as the final credits rolled and I just stated even at the title screen... I sat there thinking of everything. The very first time I pressed play on my Dreamcast to the moments that just past. I already have games lined up but all I could think about was wow.... it's done....

    I can only think of a couple video games that did this to me. FF7, FF9, Lunar Silver Star Story, Skies of Arcadia to name a few.

    What games have you played that just left you in that state of just awe, 'what's next', and just wanting that little bit of extra even though you are fine with it ending.

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    Beating The Witcher 3 for the first time.

    I needed more so I played and beat it again on Death March. Then I started a New Game + on Death March, but I haven't gotten very far.

    alt text

    Somebody please help me. ;_;

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    haha I totally know what you mean! like I strongly remember when I finished Mass effect and I sat there, looking at the credits thinking "that was one hell of a ride!". Some games just leaves a bigger inpact I think and especially when it comes to a longer game its only normal to reflect back on everything that happened!

  • I'm so familiar with that feeling! I get so attached to the world and the characters that I feel like I'm saying goodbye to actual friends! What helps me cope is "starting" a new playthrough. It helps it not feel as much like a final goodbye. I generally only play a snippet to psychologically trick myself.

    I'm ~80 hours into Xenoblade Chronices, and I just know I'm gonna get that feeling when it's all over.

  • my exact thought with my favorite JRPGs, specifically
    Persona 3 & 4
    Suikoden V
    Trails of Cold Steel

  • This more happens with books I read. I just frantically look for one more page that I might had missed. As for games, I'm usually pretty satisfied with the ones I finish. Maybe Dark souls 3 is the most recent and most accurate to the feeling you're describing, but it doesn't happen with games that much.

  • The first time I was left with this feeling was when I beat Kingdom Hearts 2 as a kid, the ending + credits had a big impact on me. During Junior year of High School, it was beating Persona 3 and 4. Last year, Bloodborne gave me that feeling.

    I'm pretty susceptible to getting emotional whenever I finish a game or a show.

  • @Billy xenoblade chronicles is the exact game where i felt that

    it's so complete, yet you want more.

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    The Walking Dead S1, man what a emotionally draining game.

    When Lee died, I just felt empty. It was hell of a journey and Lee was really nice guy through and through, but even he couldn't avoid what happens to everyone :'(

  • For me this usually happens with most long games.. Elder Scrolls, Souls, etc.

    Though finishing up the last bit of Blood and Wine really left me feeling that way after putting so many hours into The Witcher 3 and the DLCs. I kept running around looking for things to do because I didn't want to put it away for good. I was only just recently able to bring myself to delete the game from my PS4 to clear space.

    Uncharted 4 was the same way. After following those games and the story for so long, it felt weird seeing it end.

  • I had that feeling with FF7 where I just let the credits and post-credit loop play for a solid 20 minutes just trying to sum everything up in my head.

    The worst feeling of this though was last year when I played the Metal Gear series in story order (including the MSX titles) over the course of a few months. I finished MGS4 in October last year and I still don't feel like I'm quite over that series yet(!) probably not helped by the fact that TPP will be the last proper Metal Gear game.

  • Final Fantasy XV left me with that feeling. Even though there's a hefty post-game, I waited a couple weeks before diving in since I was so emotionally drained from the ending.

    Uncharted 4, maybe, too. It was definitely a sigh of relief to have finally seen the entire series through to its end. It's been a long journey and it felt nice to be able to say, "I know how Uncharted ends."

  • The Grandia series for me too and Lunar, Ar Tonelico, Suikoden, Mana Khemia, piles of JRPGs really, it feels really sad leaving the world and characters behind sometimes

  • Star Fox 64. I first played it in 1997, and didn't finally beat it until around 2010. Chalk it up to a youthful lack of patience - you have to play the same levels MANY times before you get good at them.

    But when I heard that line...

    "If I go down I'm taking you with me!"

    Holy heck. Finally.


  • Watching the online community die in SOCOM II. I don't really like many multiplayer competitive games these days, but SOCOM II was the game that got played the most during my PS2 years. I got it a year after release and watched it peak to one of the most played multiplayer games at the time. Gamebattles.com formed from the community and need for measured competitive play (I only was serious about clans for a month). So many people playing at one time, even during its sequel's peak, tons were still preferring SOCOM II. I played it so much that it was sad to see everybody go when hackers took over and killed the community.

    I watched a few streams of its final hours on YouTube. Apparently Sony kept the servers up until like 2014 or 2015. That's a 10+ year lifespan which is crazy sounding for Sony. I wish they'd release SOCOM II HD but we all know it'll NEVER happen.

  • ALSO...

    MAD OBSCURE... but I nearly cried when I booted up Noby Noby Boy and we apparently reached Pluto. They sped it up, but still. Felt like a journey. Did a decent amount of growing up with that game. Started smoking pot and quit all within its lifespan haha.

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  • Definitely Bioshock. Not a super long game, but I took my time with it and the plot twist surprised me. The good ending is my favorite ending of all time. I just sat and thought about how screwed up Rapture was and what the Little Sisters had to endure.