Litmus test for MCU fans, goosebumps or not from yesterdays new teaser.

  • Marvel Infinity War.

    Sure you can see these as nothing more than popcorn movies, but holy cow, the sweet culmination of a decade of emotional investment and love for these characters. Yep, I'm getting chills. AND this is only part one, just wait for Part two after Captain Marvel steps up to the plate to save the day...(JibberingMarvelFanHeadExplosion).

  • It is all very exciting. Like with the first Avengers movie they've been playing the long game with Infinity War and I really hope it pays off.

  • I'm trying to avoid getting too excited, for now anyway. It's too far away.

    Once that first trailer hits though... then yeah, goosebumps and head explosions.

    Also, this is the feeling I wanted for Justice League... less than a year and I still don't care for that one.

  • Banned

    Thanos is one of my favourite comic book characters, so I've been going crazy waiting for Infinity War ever since it was announced.
    This made me even more excited. Really can't wait.

  • @Inustar
    Blame Synder, MoS, BvS, SS, WW, and JL have all been built around his vision, which so far audiences have hated. However JL started production shortly after some restructuring at WB, which demoted Synder. Sadly this means WW and JL will probably suck. Also it seems like WB is hell bent on doing two cuts of each film

  • @DMCMaster The problem of course is us, the fans. Those movies are still making a lot of money, so they have no reason to really put the effort in to make it better. We really need to stop seeing these. Sadly, I say this and I will totally be seeing Wonder Woman and Justice League. I'm programmed.

  • I'm really just excited to see the Avengers - with Spider-Man, Thor and Hulk included - meet the Guardians of the Galaxy. Everything else? Semantics.

  • @Inustar
    Look on the bright side, Zach Snyder has next to no involvement with anything post JL, so long as Wonder Women and JL do marginally well at the box office, then it looks like it might be smooth sailing.

  • Major goosebumps, serious HYPE!

  • I'm excited already, but this video did nothing for me. It's the announcement that they started production. It's like releasing a trailer to tell you when an actual trailer for something a year away is release. It means almost nothing to me, and I'm a huge Marvel fan. Jaded by marketing, I suppose.

  • @DMCMaster well smooth sailing, except that they weren't exactly doing great before Snyder either, except for Batman. The execs at WB don't seem to know how to do superhero movies.
    I'd love to lay all the blame on Snyder, but that might be unfair.

    But at least I have Infinity War to look forward to.

  • @Sazime True true, its just a bunch of spiel really. It was probably just the music + the idea of it that got me. :)

    Also Wonder Women should defect please, that Gal is too badass for the WB shambles. <3