For those with kids, how have/will you introduce games to your kids?

  • So I recently had a son, and have been thinking when he's old enough to introduce him to games

    I think it will be a combination of past and present

    I'll mostly start with Genesis and SNES (that is what I grew up, and outside SMB1 and 3 which I can get on SM All Stars, most of the best NES games have a very similar and better experience on the SNES). Probably picking out just my favorite platforms and such. Maybe when he gets a little older I'll show him Final Fantasy VI and such

    From there I'd like to hit the big games from each system and generation. Though I'll skip some that have similar experiences on later consoles. Does he/do we really need to play OoT when there is TP...though I might skip TP as I felt it drags on too long.

    He'll also see me playing some modern games, I'll have to save the Yakuza 0's, Red Dead Redemptions, etc for when he's asleep (or too young to know what I'm doing), but I love games like Ratchet and Clank. I have a Wii, so I have access to the Wii and GC libraries.

    I was interested in the switch, but no backwards compatibility for the Wii U, not sure if I'll ever pick up a Wii U, but there are ways I shall not mention to play Wii U games if it ever gets to that point.

    So what all do you do? I still have a while as he's not even a month old yet, but something I've had in the back of my mind since I knew he was coming.

  • This has been something that I've thought about many times since my daughter was born back in March last year. I'm excited to eventually share my love for gaming with her but I'm worried that insisting on playing games from my childhood will end up having the opposite effect.

    So my plan is to play lots of current family and kid focused games with her and periodically ask her if she wants to play any of the games I used to play when I was her age. That way we will hopefully get the best of both. Playing stuff she will enjoy together while also getting some game history and understanding of me through the retro games I'll drip feed her.

  • @thenerdtheword

    I'll be mixing it up too, I'll at first tell him, hey lets play this game, and eventually as he gets older I'll ask. Probably will start with something like Sonic 2 where he can play as tails, or heck him just watching me play something like SMB3 might be enough for him at fist, its hard to say, but he'll get a mix of new and old.

  • @thenerdtheword This is pretty much the exact plan I've thought up, if/when the time comes. There was a pretty on-the-nose comic that really hit me on this topic. Making your kid play the games you grew up with is analogous to what those "overbearing" parents do when they make their kids participate in activities the kid doesn't want to do. In the parent's mind, their kid should love it because the parent loved it when they were a kid.
    I discovered my love of gaming pretty much on my own, my dad just provided me with whatever was on hand at the time. Obviously he didn't have games growing up, but he was a fairly versed gamer at the time and still let me play what I wanted to play for the most part. I want my kid to share my passion for gaming, but they won't necessarily have to discover it via the same path I did. Their nostalgia will be for a completely different set of (probably curated) games current for them.

  • I have similar plans for movies I like and comic books with the hope being I can get at least one shared interest with my kid!

  • I always think about this as well.. its just hard to say because who knows what gaming will be by the time I have kids. I agree that starting with some of the classics is a good idea, even if just because they're just easier to pick up and a good introduction to gaming mechanics.

    In fact my sister recently started expressing interest in gaming so I got her an N64 with a few games for Christmas. While she's been enjoying them (as far as I know) she seems to be gravitating more toward traditional 2D platformer-type games, so I'm trying to introduce her to more of those now.

    I think a good method for kids is to just let them see you enjoying gaming. That will likely get them interested. Though that being said, my kids are going to watch the original Star Wars "Clockwork Orange" style and like it!

  • While I dont have kids, I've been the one to introduce it to my niece.

    What I've found best is to keep it simple to play, like most platformers, motion games, or even fighting games ( Left, right, up, down, and the various action buttons)

    Have something that 2 that 2 people can play at once, and if possible try to make it unlooseable till they get a better grasp on basic mechanics of the game.

    Let them pick the games, maybe they want to try Tekken, maybe Mincraft, or tetris, or maybe Animal Crossing.

    Patience, lots of patience. At some point you or the game will introduce a more complex mechanic, and their not going to get it on their first,second, thirtieth attempt at it. Just be patient. (still remember spending a hour teaching her to Hadouken)

    Something with alot of colours, or 2D animation, not sure why but most everything my niece wanted to play was either 2D, or had alot of colour on screen. Make of that what you will

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    I dont have kids. However, I got the pleassure of introduce games (other than mobile) to my much younger sisters.

    I think you kinda have to start easy and let them get a chance to get used to how controller works and so on. I showed them a whole bunch of my playstation 2 games and let them pick. Funny enough they got really stuck on Jak & Daxter to later play through Final Fantasy X. Even if it was 2 of them they were really patient and shared the controller between them.

    I guess platformers and simpler puzzles are a good way to start, be patient and let them try differnt things.

  • I think if I were to have kids someday, I would do that somewhat naturally.

    First gaming via Proxy (me playing something that is suitable for kids) and letting them try out that game if they want to.
    Then, if they are into it, showing them titles that might interest them, and letting them play them.
    And finally, showing some landmark titles and/or games that I used to play either via emulation or virtual console or whatever.

    Because I feel that shoving games down kids throats might make them not interested in gaming at all, which wouldn't be ideal.

    But regardless, congrats for having a kid @ACardAttack

  • Nintendo Switch.

    But if your kid is still young your probably looking at whatever comes after.

    My interest in the switch is probably mostly for the fact I have a kid getting closer to that age where he can actually play. As i think on it more, I'm not to concerned with introducing my fav games. Ideally we want to share them but our kids grow up with whole new consoles and games to explore. That's like someone forcing you to sit down and watch all their favourite movies from the 70's. Maybe not completely equivalent 😂However, If they show an interest in them then great, but I'll just be happy if my son and I game together no matter what.

    @thenerdtheword has a good view of it I think.

  • @CGamor7 if i had a kid i wouldn't let him go anywhere near my Switch with his grubby little mits that would probably smudge the screen and/or drop it too.

  • @Yoshi said in For those with kids, how have/will you introduce games to your kids?:

    @CGamor7 if i had a kid i wouldn't let him go anywhere near my Switch with his grubby little mits that would probably smudge the screen and/or drop it too.


  • @CGamor7 said in For those with kids, how have/will you introduce games to your kids?:
    "That's like someone forcing you to sit down and watch all their favourite movies from the 70's."

    My dad did that.

    Lucky for me American film in the 70's was pretty good, although it was pretty rough seeing Straw Dogs at such a young age.

    On topic, I think I would curate somewhat. Probably a mix between modern and older stuff. Understanding where artistic traditions came from is something that's important to me. I think arcade games would be a big part of it because of how plain and honest they are as video games.