Splatoon 2 (NS)

  • For anyone picking up a Switch next month.

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  • What a strange testing schedule. Can't really be called a full on beta, so I wonder if this is just a surge test for their servers. Super happy I have 3-day weekends, anyone else planning on checking this joint out?

  • @Dirokia it's actually pretty smart though, creates a large surge of users (great for a test) and promotes great trending discussions all at once

  • @Dirokia I think they did the same thing for the first Splatoon and it was really successful. And a good idea to introduce the game to all the new Switch owners who never played the first one. I'll definitely take part if I have the console by then!

  • Still playing a load of the first game on Wii U but cant wait for this.
    I may even get to play it later on today, We have tickets for a 2 hours slot at the Switch even in Birmingham(UK) today in a few hours.

    Can Splatoon be considered a big hitter for Nintendo?

  • @Ellux said in Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Announcement:

    Can Splatoon be considered a big hitter for Nintendo?

    oh hell yeah it can be. Splatoon is Nintendo's biggest new ip since Pikmin back on the gamecube. a new IP selling more than 3 million units worldwide in year, especially on a console with only 13 million hardware units sold is crazy!

  • Hey Yoshi :D

  • @Faaip Oh no that's my fault.

  • The timeslots is normal and exactly how they did the testfires for Splatoon 1. Testfires are super fun. You should play even if you're not interested in the final game if any of the times work for you. I bet they'll have at least one more Testfire before Splatoon 2 launch. I think there were three for the original game, two before release, and one well after release around Christmas.

  • @Musou-Tensei mwahahaha >:D

  • @Yoshi No wonder I can still find an online match so quickly then, I hadnt realised it was at that number.
    Oh and Splatoon 2 feels SO fucking good to play!

  • @Musou-Tensei Oh no, what have you done?!

  • Will be good to give this a try, didn't think too much of the first Splatoon.

    Liked the Campaign (apart from the unduly difficult final boss) but the Multiplayer just left me cold after 10 hours or so.

    So will be good to give this a try to see if I feel differently about it the second time round.

  • @DisturbedSwan my only real issues with the original splatoon is that turf wars could ONLY be played in standard non ranked matches with all the other game modes being the exact opposite. i hated not being able to simply have a game of Rainmaker without having to worry about ranked.

    my biggest issue though was the endless map 3 hour rotation system. i hated being to forced to play the same 4 maps over and over constantly for 3 hours and would MUCH rather they introduced a veto system to the game similar to halos rather than limiting it to only 4 maps at a time

  • @DisturbedSwan You didn't like the final boss? I thought he was amazing. I wish the other bosses were as challenging as he is, well not AS challenging as a final boss, but also challenging.

  • @Mbun I liked it, I guess I was just a little surprised by the drastic difficulty spike is all.

    @Yoshi It was mainly the map issue for me too in the MP, I only played it at launch when it had the 3/4 maps or so and I just got bored doing the same ones over and over again, I hear it got much better over time with all the DLC but I never stuck around for any of that.

    I'll give the beta for 2 a try and see if it clicks this time I guess.

  • @Faaip He commented on one of my videos and I told him about this forum.

  • @Musou-Tensei Oh nice. Well its good to have more GTers around!

  • @DisturbedSwan there are much more maps now which is a hell of a lot better. but the way the game still forces only 4 maps on you for 3 hours at a time is still complete bullshit.

    if the 4 maps end up being ones you hate then tough shit. you're stuck with them for 3 hours. so bloody annoying.

    @Musou-Tensei actually i already knew about this forum, i was just under the assumption you had to pay their patreon to use it.