Splatoon 2 (NS)

  • Anyone tried the separate joy cons with motion control scheme? I did for a bit today after reading an article on how it's the ultimate way to play and I definitely get the appeal. Thing is that the motion sensor is only in the right joy con, so you only have to move your right hand to aim, which feels a lot more natural than aiming with both hands. It reminded me of the Wii nunchuck + remote control scheme, which was always my favorite way to play shooters on a console, especially Metroid Prime on the Wii. While this isn't nearly that accurate because of the no 1/1 pointer controls of the Wii remote, it's still very intuitive. I feel if the joy cons were a bit heavier it would be more stable though. Anyway, I think I'm gonna go forward with this control scheme.

  • @Jacques Oh cool, I didn't know it worked like that! I loved that setup when playing the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii. Definitely going to try it tonight.

  • Okay, separate joy con, motion on, motion sensitivity +4 or maxed out, stick sensitivity +1.
    Try that for an hour and tell me that isn't the best way to play!
    Also I'm starting to dig the regular old splattershot.

  • What's with ppl not painting the teams half of the controlled map properly in turf war!? Seriously 9/10 times if I don't, no one does. Blank spots everywhere. So next time if your wondering how you lost 54% to 46% even when you dominated the match you'll know why! Paint everything! Just had to vent lol.

  • @CGamor7 Are you sure they don't do it though? Cause what usually happens is players will first hurry to the middle of the map to defend their territory. Then if someone gets splatted and go back to the spawnpoint they'll splat their hometurf more before they go back into battle. At least that's how I do it.

  • @Jacques yeah that's a fair strategy I typically do that too. But I've been changing things up and I've been rushing back to paint our area in the last 30 seconds of the match because no one did it. I've witnessed this 9/10 games I played not being the person to splat the area over many matches.

  • @CGamor7 That's very uncommon to me, although I do a fair bit of hometurf inking myself. What level are you at? Maybe if you're at a beginning level more players forget it or something..

  • @Jacques 20 lol. Yeah I was surprised too. Maybe it was an isolated case. I know that most know to do that already, right? I've been playing mostly ranked. Maybe it's tagged me as the home turf inker and it matches me with those that aren't... lol. I doubt it.

    I was reading today that they apparently match playstyles. Ppl who splat more with others that splat lots and painters with others that paint more. Not sure if true or how complex the matching is. Thought it was interesting seeing has how I was wrecking everyone to being wrecked by everyone. Or maybe I've just started to be bad.

  • That's happened to me too, especially in the past few days. Don't know if that's a coincidence or not.

  • @CGamor7 Oh you're playing ranked? I never bother inking a lot in ranked. It goes to a KO most of the time anyway, feel like inking home turf is a waste of time when you're supposed to be defending your zone/tower/rainmaker.

  • @Jacques sorry for the confusion, the painting turf issue was on turf wars. I was just saying I typically play ranked but when I went back to turf I noticed no one painting the turf, like everyone didn't think it mattered.

  • Started trying to get to B- rank so i can finally do league matches. glad im still good after a little break from the game

  • @CGamor7 its better than everyone trying to ink everything in splat zones

  • I've been thinking about buying those silly joy con battery pack add-ons, not for battery life but just to make the joy cons heavier and more substantial. Seeing as how separate joy cons is easily my preferred control scheme for Splatoon I think it might make everything more stable. Thoughts?

  • Octo Expansion has been out for a couple days now. Just finished 100%ing it. Gr8 experience overall. Obviously don't want to say too much since it is still close to release, but I'll say I definitely think it is worth the $20 asking price. Just keep in mind these challenge rooms are quite literally challenging. They cranked the difficulty way up for this. You will struggle and fail as you learn rooms, so if that kind of thing frustrates you and you're looking for a more chill experience, this isn't the expansion for you. The struggle is real, but the atmosphere is tops with all the new music and sound design they made just for this, more new tracks in particular than I expected. The new characters are pretty fun. There's some lore to be had, which localization must've really struggled to translate, but felt like they did a good job. Especially great job with all the 80s references in room names. There's also some rewards from it you can take back to multiplayer with your new Octoling, including something for 100% if you're up to the task. Personally, 100%ing felt worth pushing through for, just don't be like me and play for long chunks at once. My arm was cramped up and going numb by the time I finished.