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  • @Musou-Tensei Ah.. yeah I don't think this is the right forum for her

  • @Faaip gt forums was my first ever forum way back from like 2006-2008 good time good times i was wondeing if there were any left from that time.

  • @FF7Cloud Where you the guy with the Musashi avatar?

  • @Musou-Tensei no my name was the same here as there i mostly had variation of cloud avatars i did rock a zechs and tallgeese one at one time

  • @FF7Cloud i'm from that time. joined 2007.

  • @Yoshi i mostly lurked in the factions

    so we gonna get a splatoon team goin this summer?

  • @FF7Cloud I see, you have a similar typing style like he did, but I completely forgot his name.

  • @FF7Cloud maybe. alot of GTers aren't active when i am because of timezones and such.

    would probably have to be on weekends if we were to do that as i'm working pretty much full time these days (although looking for work at the moment because i fucking hate my job) and then even on weekends i'm going out a lot more these days and when i'm not out i find i'm wanting to just sleep and not do anything.

  • @FF7Cloud It was my first as well. I was more of a forum lurker in the old days and mostly just watched reviews and stuff. I started posting in 2009.

    I recognize your name.. you left in 2008 though?

  • @Yoshi i get that, but i actually kinda like it when its not up for a vote so the same maps dont get picked. i would like however there to be more maps and modes in rotation

  • @Faaip nope. was there until the end when Ochi got mad at me then banned me. 2 weeks later GT got shutdown XD

  • @Faaip yea 2008 or 2009 right around the time i graduated highschool

  • @Yoshi Heheh I know, I could never forget you Yoshi. Ochi's a mod on here too, though I haven't seen him around in awhile

  • @Faaip yeah i know i sent him a pm to say hi. :3

  • @FF7Cloud
    I made a thread for all the old GT members, although it hasn't had a new post in awhile.
    Shoot Pink this way, whats the worse that could happen?

    Anyway on subject, Ill never understand why they only do it for a hour, and judging by the times Ill probably be at work during each one.

  • @DMCMaster Link?

  • @DMCMaster thank you :)

  • Latency with Japanese players seems greatly improved over the first game for me. Matchmaking still needs some work. Had a single 4v3 in about an hour, ten minutes of play and another match with an afk member on my team we somehow won anyways. Rollers obviously got nerfed pretty bad, very slow and slightly unwieldy with the jump flick, but I also managed to snipe an inkjet out the air in my first match with one, so that passive can be good too if you learn how to use it. Splat Duelies are great, range and ink efficiency, only downside being their time to kill, takes a bunch of shots, but their dodge rolling helps with that. Splattershot was the king of the Testfire unless you're a beast with a Charger.

    Curling Bomb was weird, and I hope it gets changed. You can just throw it out and it covers good ground for inking, but if they bump someone it does very little damage, not an instant splat. If you charge it they seem to go nowhere, but maybe explode bigger? Seemed pointless to charge them.

    The new specials were all great. Inkjet is a huge risk versus reward, and you can use it very tactically to cover ground ahead of you, then return to start and cover ground a different direction. You pretty easily be picked out of the sky while using it though, even when it's exploding at the end apparently, so you gotta be really careful where you use it. Splashdown is fun to use, also makes you vulnerable during the windup, but for the purposes of the Testfire you were relatively safe after using it cause no long distance weapons except charges that could quickly close in on you. Didn't get to use it while super jumping though, because the new map is pretty awkward. Gives you weird blurred vision when you pull it up. So, it's like X, then Directional for teammate, then A to confirm, then push in right thumbstick to activate your special, which is alot to process in the heat of battle. Missles are OP and cover decent turf. They can't KO you in one hit, gotta take a volley to splat to them, but you can whip them out and fire immediately. There's like zero windup time on them, and that's insanely useful. I think they need to add some windup time to them since they're basically the replacement for Inkstrikes, and those had a vulnerable windup time. Didn't get to use the Charger, because I know I'm bad at them from the first game, but their special seemed really amusing. Saw it used a couple times and you can do funny things with it since it shoots through everything but moves very slowly. Even saw someone using it to cover turn which was interesting.

    All my matches were really stable, only disconnected during matchmaking a couple times, much less than I expected from their first time firing these servers up. Ink splatter and everything else, especially music, seemed really good. Game looked visually appealing like the first too. Looking forward to the full release. Going to be a way different beast once we get skills paired with these weapons.

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    Are you using the Pro controller or Joycons?