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  • @Faaip yeah i know i sent him a pm to say hi. :3

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    I made a thread for all the old GT members, although it hasn't had a new post in awhile.
    Shoot Pink this way, whats the worse that could happen?

    Anyway on subject, Ill never understand why they only do it for a hour, and judging by the times Ill probably be at work during each one.

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  • Latency with Japanese players seems greatly improved over the first game for me. Matchmaking still needs some work. Had a single 4v3 in about an hour, ten minutes of play and another match with an afk member on my team we somehow won anyways. Rollers obviously got nerfed pretty bad, very slow and slightly unwieldy with the jump flick, but I also managed to snipe an inkjet out the air in my first match with one, so that passive can be good too if you learn how to use it. Splat Duelies are great, range and ink efficiency, only downside being their time to kill, takes a bunch of shots, but their dodge rolling helps with that. Splattershot was the king of the Testfire unless you're a beast with a Charger.

    Curling Bomb was weird, and I hope it gets changed. You can just throw it out and it covers good ground for inking, but if they bump someone it does very little damage, not an instant splat. If you charge it they seem to go nowhere, but maybe explode bigger? Seemed pointless to charge them.

    The new specials were all great. Inkjet is a huge risk versus reward, and you can use it very tactically to cover ground ahead of you, then return to start and cover ground a different direction. You pretty easily be picked out of the sky while using it though, even when it's exploding at the end apparently, so you gotta be really careful where you use it. Splashdown is fun to use, also makes you vulnerable during the windup, but for the purposes of the Testfire you were relatively safe after using it cause no long distance weapons except charges that could quickly close in on you. Didn't get to use it while super jumping though, because the new map is pretty awkward. Gives you weird blurred vision when you pull it up. So, it's like X, then Directional for teammate, then A to confirm, then push in right thumbstick to activate your special, which is alot to process in the heat of battle. Missles are OP and cover decent turf. They can't KO you in one hit, gotta take a volley to splat to them, but you can whip them out and fire immediately. There's like zero windup time on them, and that's insanely useful. I think they need to add some windup time to them since they're basically the replacement for Inkstrikes, and those had a vulnerable windup time. Didn't get to use the Charger, because I know I'm bad at them from the first game, but their special seemed really amusing. Saw it used a couple times and you can do funny things with it since it shoots through everything but moves very slowly. Even saw someone using it to cover turn which was interesting.

    All my matches were really stable, only disconnected during matchmaking a couple times, much less than I expected from their first time firing these servers up. Ink splatter and everything else, especially music, seemed really good. Game looked visually appealing like the first too. Looking forward to the full release. Going to be a way different beast once we get skills paired with these weapons.

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    Are you using the Pro controller or Joycons?

  • @Swordfish00830 Went Pro Controller for the Testfire. No complaints.

  • Only managed to get one game in since the WiFi on the Switch has been somewhat iffy the last couple of days, I dont know if its the Switch or the connection in general.
    Still got the try out the new double guns, seems nice though I missed my N'Zap!

  • Much like the first game, it's alright. Graphics immediately seemed much sharper, the 2 maps seemed cool but I absolutely detested the motion controls (didn't realise you can turn them off until the last game).

    Fun in small doses but can't see me sticking with it for long, much like the first game, just not enough depth there for me, will keep my pre order for now but it's probably just a little too shallow for me.

    Will give it a second chance during the next window and see if it clicks more, wish matches lasted longer, barely get into a game then it's over.

  • @DisturbedSwan Did you ranked in the first game? Some of those games last much longer, although some can be super short too. Depends how the game plays out. The Testfire felt shallow in the sense that there's no skills, but the full game will fix that. I just hope the god awful rolling system from the first game doesn't return. Just let us pick our skills or something. The old system only benefited cheaters who dumped tons of time into forcing the perfect skills to roll through a save data oversight.

  • @DisturbedSwan said in Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Thread.:

    I absolutely detested the motion controls (didn't realise you can turn them off until the last game).

    this makes me feel so nostalgic. haven't heard that complaint about Splatoon in years.

  • @Yoshi The Squibs will learn.

  • round 2 is live!!!

  • played a few rounds had fun. Match making needs work but besides that it was fine, but like the first it may be a pass from me.

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    Playing right now and the motion control aiming with the joycons kinda stinks. You get used to it but I hope they let you change it.

  • @Swordfish00830 you can change it to the anlouge stick in the options

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    Too late :( I'll try it again in the next Test fire

  • I'll try the Joy Con Grip in the next session. i've mostly been playing with the Pro Controller which is the recommended way to Play Splatoon 2. i tried handheld mode and it does feel abit weird playing like that.

  • As someone who largely bypassed the original (I played a few matches on friends' consoles here and there), I was excited at diving into number two. And I bloody well love it so far. The addition of the dualies is my favourite aspect. Inkjet battles are a thing of joy.