Splatoon 2 (NS)

  • @DisturbedSwan Did you ranked in the first game? Some of those games last much longer, although some can be super short too. Depends how the game plays out. The Testfire felt shallow in the sense that there's no skills, but the full game will fix that. I just hope the god awful rolling system from the first game doesn't return. Just let us pick our skills or something. The old system only benefited cheaters who dumped tons of time into forcing the perfect skills to roll through a save data oversight.

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    I absolutely detested the motion controls (didn't realise you can turn them off until the last game).

    this makes me feel so nostalgic. haven't heard that complaint about Splatoon in years.

  • @Yoshi The Squibs will learn.

  • round 2 is live!!!

  • played a few rounds had fun. Match making needs work but besides that it was fine, but like the first it may be a pass from me.

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    Playing right now and the motion control aiming with the joycons kinda stinks. You get used to it but I hope they let you change it.

  • @Swordfish00830 you can change it to the anlouge stick in the options

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    Too late :( I'll try it again in the next Test fire

  • I'll try the Joy Con Grip in the next session. i've mostly been playing with the Pro Controller which is the recommended way to Play Splatoon 2. i tried handheld mode and it does feel abit weird playing like that.

  • As someone who largely bypassed the original (I played a few matches on friends' consoles here and there), I was excited at diving into number two. And I bloody well love it so far. The addition of the dualies is my favourite aspect. Inkjet battles are a thing of joy.

  • @Churchy Inkjet really is fun, both to use and to fight against. Dodging for cover when one has it's sights on you and trying to pick them out of the sky is great. Sorta afraid in the full game they'll be easily picked off by longer ranged weapons, but maybe the devs can buff them a little.

  • @Mbun Mostly did quick play, a few hours of Ranked but I threw in the towel shortly after for the first game.

    Had another hour with this earlier today and enjoyed it a bit more, I'll keep my pre-order for now and see how I get on in the full game, can't see me sticking with it for long though unless the ranked modes in this game are longer and more tactical.

  • Was a little underwhelmed if I'm being honest. It’s hardly changed at all since the first game, and as much as I loved the original Splatoon, I've had my fill and wanted more changes to get me into 2.

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    It’s hardly changed at all since the first game

    A direct sequel is similar to the previous game? Who woulda thought?

  • I was extremely irritated by the menu system. Only way to change weapons (And access the nearly invisible options menu that you can't access anywhere else!) is to restart the entire app.

    I couldn't find an options menu to change the controls so I played two games, hated it, cancelled my pre-order of Splatoon 2 and didn't open it again.

    I hope the menu's are much better when the game comes out, because I cannot be bothered to mess around with a game like that. The tutorial that directs you to move the camera should be giving players a prompt for what control scheme they want.

    Not to mention you should be able to change controls during the game.

  • @Stormcrownn said:

    Only way to change weapons (And access the nearly invisible options menu that you can't access anywhere else!) is to restart the entire app.

    But that's wrong. You just don't select continue on your next match. Also, that menu is only for the Testfire. Real game will have a hub where you make those kinds of changes, including weapon, gear, options, etc.

    @Alex840 I wish one of the maps they had let us play was one with the single player features in it like inkrails since that's going to be a thing for 2. Think that would've made it feel more varied, but I guess they were scared that would be too advanced for new players.

  • Got to play the last test...well the tutorial for it before it closed.

  • The weird timings meant I missed out on the test :(

    I loves me some Splatoon and was looking forward to trying out some of the new stuff.

  • @thenerdtheword I'd say there's a healthy chance they'll have another before release.

  • @Mbun I found it was a case of 50/50 with whether I would get picked out of the sky or not so it didn't seem too unbalanced to me. I guess it's a case of how everything else works into the mix. And that's why betas like this are always handy for devs.