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  • @Alex840 said in Splatoon 2 - (NS):

    It’s hardly changed at all since the first game

    A direct sequel is similar to the previous game? Who woulda thought?

  • I was extremely irritated by the menu system. Only way to change weapons (And access the nearly invisible options menu that you can't access anywhere else!) is to restart the entire app.

    I couldn't find an options menu to change the controls so I played two games, hated it, cancelled my pre-order of Splatoon 2 and didn't open it again.

    I hope the menu's are much better when the game comes out, because I cannot be bothered to mess around with a game like that. The tutorial that directs you to move the camera should be giving players a prompt for what control scheme they want.

    Not to mention you should be able to change controls during the game.

  • @Stormcrownn said:

    Only way to change weapons (And access the nearly invisible options menu that you can't access anywhere else!) is to restart the entire app.

    But that's wrong. You just don't select continue on your next match. Also, that menu is only for the Testfire. Real game will have a hub where you make those kinds of changes, including weapon, gear, options, etc.

    @Alex840 I wish one of the maps they had let us play was one with the single player features in it like inkrails since that's going to be a thing for 2. Think that would've made it feel more varied, but I guess they were scared that would be too advanced for new players.

  • Got to play the last test...well the tutorial for it before it closed.

  • The weird timings meant I missed out on the test :(

    I loves me some Splatoon and was looking forward to trying out some of the new stuff.

  • @thenerdtheword I'd say there's a healthy chance they'll have another before release.

  • @Mbun I found it was a case of 50/50 with whether I would get picked out of the sky or not so it didn't seem too unbalanced to me. I guess it's a case of how everything else works into the mix. And that's why betas like this are always handy for devs.

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    So the testfire only had a tickrate of 12.5hz.
    For comparison, the original game was 25hz, Overwatch is 60hz, ans Counter-Strike GO is 128.

    For those wondering what tickrate is, it is how often the server refreshes and transmits data to the client.

    Here is a visual representation for those who are still a little confused:
    alt text

  • @El-Shmiablo Yet for some reason the Testfire felt smoother than the first game with no sense of delayed reactions. People splated immediately when you shot them, and even played against Japanese players who in the first game might've stuck around a couple seconds after being hit and been able to trade you unfair cause of latency, but there was none of that present in the Testfire for Splatoon 2. There's plenty videos people uploaded from the Testfire, hours and hours of footage if you don't believe me, so obviously there's more going on than meets the eye.

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    @Mbun It is difficult to guage latency in a game when the entire network exclusively uses wifi. Tickrate won't matter much when the connection method itself is already of poor quality.
    All this means is that Splatoon won't be taken very seriously as a competitive game.

  • @El-Shmiablo So basically, it doesn't matter and the game plays fine? The only one who wants Splatoon to be e-sports is Nintendo.

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    @Mbun I don't really consider the game having one of the lowest tick rates in a modern online multiplayer game to date as "fine".

    Personally I am just a little perplexed as to why Nintendo has decided to charge for online if they are only going to make their online worse than it was on their last console.

    Hopefully this will be fixed at some point.

  • @El-Shmiablo The game itself runs better than it did on the previous console though. The online itself is more stable even if the tickrate is lower.

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    Graphical fidelity =//= Online performance.
    Your second sentence is an oxymoron. Your game can not be better online when it is sending literally half the data of tge previous entry.

    Perhaps you have become accustomed to this poor performance, but as somebody who feels a pretty significant difference between 60 and 128 tickrate when he plays csgo, this is pretty ridiculous.

  • @El-Shmiablo Who said anything about graphical fidelity? I don't even think Splatoon 2 changes that much at all. I was talking about actually playing against people being more stable than in previous games. So far there's been no people teleporting around or living seconds after you know you've killed them which was a problem you'd run into in the first game when playing against people with bad connections. I don't know if this lower tickrate is helping that or uninvolved, but the stability of the game itself is improved over the original even if the server is making checks less often somehow. That's all I'm saying.

  • Just gonna bump this thread in preparation for the Direct tomorrow.

    What do you guys wanna see?

  • I want to see a demo with which I can take my time, have a turorial and stuff. I don't like to be thrown into timed online battles when I literally have zero experience with the game.

  • @Jack It's okay, because lots of people who have never played will be thrown into the fray. The community refers to them as Squibs. You can download the Splatfest Demo right now, and after quickly making your basic character it'll give you a tutorial area to learn the basics of the game with the most basic weapon. Stay in that area until you have the feel of the game down, because the demo doesn't seem to let you come back here even if you uninstall and reinstall it. Gyro aiming can't be disabled until you get to the hub, so you can't practice with it off which kinda sucks, but all high level Splatoon play with the exception of rollers uses Gyro, so it's better to get used to it anyways.
    This was fun
    After you leave the tutorial area, you can explore the hub, redo your character appearance if you'd like, adjust aim sensitivities, disable gyro if you really must, invert camera if you're like that, choose between the four weapons for this Splatfest Demo, (Splat Roller, Splat Dualies, Tentatek Splattershot, and Splat Charger) draw freely using dpad, analog stick, or the Switch touch screen in handheld mode to make a message others online can see and that will sometimes appear on walls and stuff in the hub or during the Splatfest, and join the team you want to support for the Splatfest. After that nothing until the Splatfest begins, but once you reach level 4 during the Splatfest and have some cash you can start buying gear from the shops to freshen up. I do wish they would've let you reaccess the tutorial area, especially with the other weapons or at least the firing range in this demo, but again all the new squibs are going to basically be on the same level when this thing begins, so don't worry too much about it.

    Anyways, have fun exploring the hub for now. There's lots to see. Stay Fresh.

  • Turns out using another Switch Profile to access the demo lets you get back to the start of it if you want to go back to the tutorial area. Just don't go past it or you'll get locked out on that profile too. Tutorial area only uses the Splattershot Jr. which isn't an option for the upcoming Splatfest, so don't train too seriously in there. Just practice movement and such. Soak in the scenery too.
    Look who's back