First Fifteen Revival?

  • I've been watching some of the old First Fifteen videos and wow what a great series that was. Enjoyable to watch and interesting to see Huber's and Kyle's thoughts on random games. But now I'm wondering what's keeping EZA from reviving that series?

    Now I know what you're about to say. EZA doesn't have the game library that they used to and they don't have the funds to buy a huge collection outright. Well here's a thought. In the first episode of Don's Discount Gaming, Don purchased several games at absurdly low prices at a thrift store. Why not base a revival on going to the thrift store together and purhcasing a $1 - $5 game? Then after they can either keep it or pawn it off to the "Alley Guy" (also seen in Ep1 of Don's Discount Gaming)


  • Besides the game library, it's also a question of time. First Fifteen was one of the shows that came about simply because they were all in an office together and had spare time. They've been hesitant to bring those kinds of shows back because their current situations makes it a much bigger commitment.

  • Well I'm down for any more shows the have Huber and Bosman together. I enjoy the way they play off each other.

  • Their shows are dependent on Patreon funding if you look at the stretch goals. I think this show isn't planned for it, at least until they reached their 50k goal and rebuild the studio.

  • First fifteen evolved into dumb game Monday.

  • Fancy Fifteen just started as the new Monday show on Patreon, $1 and up. Didn't quite catch the magic of the original show, but cool to see some weird and forgotten games in any case like this.