For Honor IRL, sword training.

  • Well after just one night I would highly recommend this for anyone interested, it was easy to get into and good fun. Maybe you are lucky enough to have a HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) course near you.

    These are my guys We shall see how poorly I can wield a German longsword in ten weeks time.

    Love & respect! Huber and the EZA community helped inspire me to get out there today. :D

  • That's pretty amazing that groups are out there doing this sort of thing. Good on you!

  • That's really cool! I've always wanted to learn how to fight with a sword. I'd like to collect them someday too

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    some friends of mine are doing HEMA since a few months back and really like it! it seems quite cool to wave swords around. However, its too far for me unfortunately

  • Thank you for posting this I was thinking about looking into stuff like this as an alternative form of exercise! I figure swinging swords around is far more engaging than doing cardio at the gym.

  • @thenerdtheword definately, warm up and stretching to start with then it gets plenty strenuous, even just the basic practice repetitions. All kinds of great upper body and cardio without even thinking about it. \o/

    @Lotias :/ shame, I feel i little mean posting it with enthusiasm. Its certainly not widespread and few will have the opportunity I bet.

  • aka Irish Stick Fighting :D I've done a little in my time, eventually working my way up to being able to wield a massive landsknecht sword

  • There's a pretty well regarded HEMA club not far from here, I've been thinking about taking up military sabre fencing. Sure looks cool enough.

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  • If you're interested in swords and such, you probably should check out Skallagrim on YouTube, as he does talk a lot about swords, techniques and other more or less related projects. I follow his channel because I'm definitely interested in to sword training and such, but I don't currently have the money or time to actually get into any of that, but his videos are informative and entertaining enough to get me look his videos every once in a while.