Share your Youtube/Streams

  • So assuming we have all used the streaming ability in our consoles or have the means to, I figured why not start a thread where all the EZA members can share stuff from their own channels.
    Share whatever you want, maybe any stories associated with it about whomever you playing with (maybe explain some inside jokes or whatever)
    This was a random stream me and my brother made after I picked up a PS camera, mostly to act as a mic for us when streaming. This was one of two quick test streams we did (the other being Dark Souls 3) I should also mention this was at like 3am.
    Youtube Video

    Mostly wanted a mic so that when me and my brother do have time to do more Dark Souls I really, really, really hope to capture another moment similar to something that happened in DS1, which had us both laughing for like 10 minutes when it happened.

    And to whoever is acting as mod if this against the EZA rules then please go ahead and delete this.