Indie/obscure game show recommendation

  • There are so many games that don't get their well-deserved attention. But we hear a lot about AAA games from every gaming journalists.
    I really want a show where I can find new, interesting, weird and unique games to play, but I haven't really found a good show like that anywhere. I would love if EZA (being my favourite gaming journalist team) would make something like that. I know that they are probably pretty busy, making all these different shows. But I would love if maybe Ian (who even has indie dev friends) would host a relatively short, 10 to 15 minutes long weekly show, with different guests each time, and they would recommend us a game like that each eposide. Just a short, spoiler-free introduction, some opinions, they would tell us what they like about it, I would love to watch a show like that.

    That's it, I'm just throwing this out here in hope that some other fellow allies would like this idea as well, and that EZA makes such a show.

    (ps: Sorry for the weird wording, I'm not a native English speaker.)

  • Cool idea, have to wonder how much more the EZA team can do. They work so hard for us :D

    Outside of EZA the best example I have found is Splattercat, he has had a 'Weekly Indie Newcomer' youtube show for years now. He may not be to everyones taste but generally seems like a decent guy.

    2016 playlist for example

  • Fortunately, there's been a good number of Easy Update episodes, I feel, in which Ian was playing some rather unknown (new?) indie game. Well, maybe not that many, but some. But the ones like the painting game with Huber, and then the "LOUD noise" scary game, too. And with Kyle that "baby escape in the house" game, and also the stealthy box game.

    Maybe that could evolve into a bigger show, I don't know. Or then we could just ask for Ian to shoot some more episodes like those. That studio would really help in situations like this. It'd be so much more easy to invite guests and play there.

  • If there's enough interest in this, I would actually be willing to make this thread and update it regularly! Maybe weekly, but I'm not committing to anything specific because life happens sometimes. But obscure/indie games are my bread and butter, especially on PC, and with my backlog of things I recommend to people currently I could easily make it a couple months of weekly updates without running out of good ones to share. I agree that this could be a cool show idea, though.

  • EZA seems somewhat stripped thin doing what they currently do. However, I'm happy about it because they still seem very enthusiastic about everything and it never comes off as a 'job'.

    Idk about more discussion shows tbh. Plus Ian occasionally plays obscure games on Easy Update like the few he did with Bosman.