Am torn between For honor, Nier, Horizon and Mass Effect.

  • This the best time to be a gamer especially if you own a PS4. I have never in my life have had such a difficult time in deciding which game to get on release. With limited finance I can only pick up one. Persona V I already have pre-ordered but out of those four above I can I only get one right now on release.

    Do you guys care about steelbooks because here in UK they sell steelbooks but for additional £10.

    I guess my question is which out of those four would you recommend getting on release and which one to wait for.

    Nier getting 10/10/9/10 from famitsu just bumps up the difficulty to a higher level.

  • Nier without contest. And wait for Horizon.

  • Nier is a very easy choice for me, the first being one of the best games ever imo.

    The other two I'll have to wait for impressions, and even then I'll probably wait for price reductions.

  • Nier, then maybe Horizon.
    Got a feeling For Honor will be on sale for half off next month (kinda like watchdogs 2)

  • I'm Horizon first, then Nier, then P5.

    If i could only have 1? I'd go p5.

  • I'm having that same dilemma. I'm leaning towards Nioh but I'll wait and see how Horizon and Mass Effect turn out.

    I had fun with what I played of For Honor, but it really doesn't feel like something I need right away for $60.. I'm also wondering if there will be much of an audience for it. It seems like a multiplayer focused game so if no one's playing it won't be much fun.

  • As Mass Effect is my favourite series, I wanna say that one, but this is one is new, so it's probably best to wait and see reviews for it. For me, it's P5 and ME that are preordered.
    Nier looks amazing, and I will likely pick that up, but considering I have Yakuza to finish, and Trails of Cold Steel, and then ME and P5, I will likely be waiting a few months to play Nier.
    Horizon will likely be bought pretty close to release depending on the reviews, but that is mostly due to my BF loving Far Cry and other open world games so it looks right up his alley. I doubt I'll play it much.
    For Honor was on my must own list, until I found out they dropped co op, and after trying the beta I discovered I am terrible at it.

    As for which you should buy, well there's time in between these. So it depends whether you want another game now or later in march. That might drop ME out of the race entirely.
    Personally I'd say choose between Horizon or Nier since there seems to be more to do in those games.

  • I never cared for steel cases. They are such a mismatch when you have a nice physical game library. Just bothers me lol. If thats what you meant by steel books.

    I am in the same boat. I only have time for one, and in all reality i should really spending money on one. I'm personally getting Mass Effect. It's one of my favorite franchises. Nier seems like an interesting game to add to the playlist if i had a ton of time to play games but I unfortunately don't, so ill probably never play it. Horizon is new and has yet to prove itself. I want to see reviews. With all this said however, I am a bit worried about Mass Effect. After playing DAI I am a bit worried with how it is going to be. They have shown nothing about the game to hook people. So it still has something to prove.

    As for For Honor. I'm passing until it has a nice sale. My experience with Rainbow Six Seige was frustrating. It was fun, and i imagine based on the beta that this will be too. But I dont care for putting up with more Ubisoft BS unless the price is right. Not paying $80 CAN for it.

  • Have you played the Mass Effect trilogy? As a big fan, I'm definitely anticipating that more than any other game (beyond Zelda). Your views on the former games in the series can help to influence your decision. Although, I agree that waiting until you see reviews is the best way to go. It may or may not be objectively better than the others, but I'm super excited to jump back into that universe. Which I guess is our universe. But not our galaxy. Gah...